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    Perna Perna Umdloti Holiday Accommodation [15 to 22 January 2021] - For Sale

    Item name: Perna Perna Umdloti Holiday Accommodation [15 to 22 January 2021] - For Sale Check in: Friday, 15 January 2021 (15:00) Check out: Friday, 22 January 2021 (09:00) Location: 7 North Beach Road, Umdloti Beach Number of nights: 7 Accommodation: 3 Bedroom, 6 Sleeper, 2 Bathrooms, Ground...
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    Solid rear window for Nissan NP200 - Sale

    Item name: Solid rear window for Nissan NP200 Age and condition: Brand new. Replaced when canopy was fitted to brand new Nissan NP200 Do you include packaging: Been in plastic since removed Warranty: No Reason for selling: Not needed Price: R400 Negotiable: Yes Location: Somerset West Shipping...
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    Asus O!Play Mini Plus Smart TV Set-Up Box - Sold

    Item name: Asus O!Play Mini Plus Smart TV Set-Up Box Age and condition: Used. Excellent. Do you include packaging: Yes, in original box Warranty: No Reason for selling: Not used anymore Price: R200 Negotiable: Yes Location: Somerset West Shipping or collection: Collection
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    TOA N-8400RS Sub Station Interface Unit - Sale

    Item name: 5 x TOA N-8400RS Sub Station Interface Units Age and condition: Used. Scratches on outside Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Not needed Price: R5,000 each Negotiable: Yes, if you take the lot Location: Somerset West Shipping or collection: Collection...
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    Thoughts on Samsung Galaxy A50?

    Besides for one or two comments I've found searching here, for Samsung Galaxy A50 owners, what has your experiences been thus far? Specs seems superior to my old faithful Huawei Mate 7 currently still in use. Considering a change now. Assume Telkom Mobile has the 128GB/4GB RAM dual SIM variant?
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    UPS Battery Replacement Question

    Hi guys, so my UPS packed up recently but didn't really pay attention to resolving until now. I use it just to keep my router and phone running during outages/loadshedding. Its seems the batteries are shot (see Yuasa battery pic attached). I have 2 new 12v 12Ah batteries which was never used...
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    MWEB FTTH in apartment block

    So I'll be helping someone with a new setup of a router supplied by MWEB. They signed up for a MWEB FTTH package in one of apartment blocks in Cape Town. Building management installed a Cat5e cable from the basement into the apartment. After signing up with MWEB, they shipped a router. However...
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    Somerset West ADSL Problems

    Extremely bad performance right now. Port reset by Telkom but no improvement. Anyone else experiencing this right now? Phone number: 021 850 xxxx ADSL Line Speed: 4Mbps ISP: Telkom Uncapped Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops: ----- 1 1 ms...
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    Hetzner Online Server Auctions

    Hi guys, What are your thoughts on the Hetzner server auctions? - I've managed a VPS before but never really used it for anything specific. I'm looking at using the server for mainly storage purposes but may also use it for hosting some...
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    Samsung Galaxy S3 32GB [S]

    Item name (be very descriptive): Samsung Galaxy S3 32GB (White) + charger + cover as shown Age and condition: Approximately 18 months. Excellent condition. Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes, remainder of warranty Reason for selling: Not needed anymore Price: R2,800 Negotiable...
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    Xerox WorkCentre Pro 123 - Excellent condition [S]

    Item name: Xerox WorkCentre Pro 123 Age and condition: Approximately 6 years old. Immaculate condition. Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: No longer needed Price: R13,500 Negotiable: Yes (but please be reasonable) Location: Somerset West, Western Cape...
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    D-Link 2750u/Tenda A3 Wireless Range Extender setup issues

    Hi MyBBer's, I want to be able to configure a Tenda A3 wireless range extender to extend the range of an existing wireless router (D-Link 2750u) but I'm struggling a bit with figuring out how to correctly configure the 2750u. In brief, I understand that the A3 needs to be configured in...
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    Problem with updating router firmware

    Hi guys, Has anyone had any success with updating the firmware on the Zyxel P-2602HWL-D1A router [Current firmware: V3.40(AUJ.0)b4 | 06/21/2007]? I get some kind of "rompager" error. Router keeps on cutting out and restarting every now and then...thus dropping all connections. After a couple...
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    How much would you charge me for...

    Hi guys, To all website designers/developers out there... How much would you charge me for a joomla site...a couple of pages...basically standard company site with one or two additional requirements which will probably require some custom php coding. I'd like to fully manage the site...
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    Integrating .net frontend with Joomla backend

    Since I can't claim to be an expert, I'm hoping that you guys can give me some good advice on what I'm trying to do. I've been developing a .net windows application (for internal company use) which integrates with the main application that we use for our business. I've been tasked with...
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    Online backup solution for small company?

    Hi everyone, What online backup solution would you recommend for a small company? We currently backup our server (data, Exchange, etc) on a daily basis to an external hard drive and rotate the drive on a weekly basis. It would help if the solution can allow us to restore files/folders...
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    Your experiences with Google Apps?

    I'm running an Exchange Server in our small company but I'm really trying to "outsource" if you can call it that. Being a small company, I have many other things to do and my time would be much better spent making money instead of supporting the system. Whats your experiences with Google...
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    ClarkConnect Antispam

    Hi guys, is there a way I can see what has been rejected or bounced in the ClarkConnect 5.0 Community Edition GUI?
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    Zouk Mobile?

    These guys are really annoying me now!! I keep on getting service messages on my phone directing me to seeming adult sites. How on earth do you get rid of this stuff? I never registered for it!:mad:
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    Open source document control? software for drawing/design office

    We are a small "drawing" office so we have to manage large numbers of drawings..AutoCAD drawings, pdfs, etc. However, we have been struggling with a way of properly managing it....i.e. its storage, tracking, revision handling, not to mention tracking the numerous requests we get for various...