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    For Sale - Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming 7566 Laptop

    For Sale - Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming 7566 Laptop Item: Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming 7566 Laptop Age: 18 months Price: R 10 000 Warranty: Non - Expired Packaging: Have the original box Condition: Good condition, few minor scratches on the lid Location: Pretoria Reason: Upgraded to MacBook Pro Shipping...
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    Wifibre ISP

    Hi All Has anyone had any feedback with Wifibre ISP? I see that on SADV they have 100MB for R950/m
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    Cheapest uncapped 20/40MB ISP on Openserve?

    HI All Do you have recommendations for cheap uncapped ISPs on OpenServe? If the FUP is 500GB/month or up it is fine. I see that Afrihost have users with over 1TB usage per month on their Home Uncapped @ R917/m for 40MB. Will mainly be used for Xbox gaming, Netflix and other streaming services.
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    Android TV Box

    Hi All I'm looking for some feedback from people who have Android TV boxes for streaming. What do you suggest? It does not have to be fancy, just needs to run the following: - Netflix - Showmax - DSTV Now - Plex - Wireless connectivity - Prefer Android 8.0 and newer Thank you.
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    Xbox Live vs PSN online gaming

    Hi All Is there a site that we can see stats on Xbox Live vs PSN gaming specifically for South Africa. I want to compare things like: - game server statistics (how many servers for which games) - network/ping statistics - users online and playing - see what time of day the games are played -...
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    SADV - Remove Calix router and use GPON SPF in Mikrotik

    Hi SADV Is it possible to remove the Calix router in your FTTH setup and use a GPON SFP and clone the MAC address of the Calix router. I'm trying to remove all equipment/devices that is not required to keep things simple as well as reduce electricity. Every little bit helps. The rest of SADV...
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    FTTH and small UPS

    HI All I'm in an area with lots of power outages. I'm looking for a small UPS that does not cost to much to power the 1.) Calix Fibre CPE, 2.) Mikrotik Router and 3). Apple Airport Extreme. I would prefer it if the above items could be powered for about 12 hours. The reason for this is so ghat...
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    Home-Connect Fibre Packages. Do you have issues with them?

    Hi All Currently SADV is installing fibre in our complex. I'm looking at capped vs uncapped packages. The uncapped packages usually have either a low fair use policy or the contention ratio is very high, sometimes up to 80:1. The capped packages start getting expensive when looking at...
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    Plumbago Estate Fibre - Openserve Help

    Hi Hope there is someone that can help me? All the complexes/estates around our estate has fibre installed except for our estate. In January a project manager from Openserve confirmed that our fibre will be installed end of May 2017. Since he confirmed it we can't get hold of this person any...