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    USB A Female to USB A Male Left Angle Adapter

    Hello All, So I am finally really annoyed with my PS4 and its front facing USB ports and the cable to charge the controllers sticking out the front. Does anyone know where I can get something like this locally...
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    MyBroadBand and embedded PDF's

    Hello All, So I have no idea where to post this, cant seem to find the location for "Problems with our site" or a contact email that covers this query. Using the latest Vivaldi browser, reproduced on Edge and Firefox, if I go to say this article...
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    And so it begins... Exchange up for auction...

    So who else has their Telkom Exchange go up for auction? Not sure what to make of this if I am honest... I still don't have a viable alternative to DSL :/.
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    HP Printer Warranty: When does it start?

    Hello All, My mom bought a new printer from Incredible Connection last week Friday I think it was. She went to activate the warranty via the online process yesterday and found that warranty has already started as of 17 Sept 2018. Today she took it back to Incredible because the way we are...
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    Grim Dawn - Hacked(?)

    Hey All, Not sure if it should go here or gaming thread. I use Dashlane as my password manager and they introduced a new service awhile back called Dark Web Monitoring, you can read about it here and here...