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    Win R2,000 - Which IT/Technology company do you admire?

    Samsung. Quality products across the board. from appliances to mobile ech
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    Test your mobile speed now - R5,000 cash up for grabs

    Download 9.83 Upload. 0.46 Telkom Mobile
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    Test your speed and win prizes worth R5,000

    ISP: Telkom Internet Ping: 27ms Download: 2Mbps Upload: 2.01Mbps Test your speed:
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    Would you book a flight on SAA at this stage?

  5. Mfd

    Are you a gamer?

    yes yes yes
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    Do you tip petrol attendants?

  7. Mfd

    Which smartphone do you currently use?

    Samsung A30s
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    Test your speed, rate your ISP, win great prizes worth R5,000

    ISP: Neotel Pty Ltd Ping: 5ms Download: 27.59Mbps Upload: 93.31Mbps
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    What is the best mobile phone you have ever owned?

    I've only my samsung galaxy s5....soooo....yea