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    SARS E-Filing 2021/22

    Also submitted. Selected for audit, docs uploaded, now we wait and see what issues they come up with.
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    SARS E-Filing 2021/22

    Hasn’t that prompt been there always?
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    SARS E-Filing 2021/22

    Ive been doing mine on the 25/26th for couple of years. I did try now but none of my third party data is pulling through. Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this?
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    SARS E-Filing 2021/22

    Is anyone's IRP5 data actually pulling through on efiling yet?
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    Small scale household backup system

    The 10k seems fair if you based in cape town, based on what some okes are charging.
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    Small scale household backup system

    I've sent you a PM. The oke I used also recommended by powerforumstore charges cheaper for just the backup installation.
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    Best 4K TV deal.

    Toshiba Z770 is coming soon, 65 apparently going to be priced at around 19 999.
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    Monthly Solar Production - Show us yours

    Excellent okay that's good to know!
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    Monthly Solar Production - Show us yours

    Has anyone encountered the below. Since installing my setup, I have an old Efergy monitor which says I'm averaging around 150w more than what my Sunsynk is reporting I'm using on the grid. The funny thing is they almost connected on the same line and was expecting the exact same results.
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    Solar: Cost of equipment & installation

    I have the following ordered: Sunsynk 5kw inverter Hubble 5.5kwh AM-2 battery 10 x JA 460w panels My total costs with install, COCT etc around R115 000. So your costs does seem slightly more expensive.
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    Small scale household backup system

    I'm paying 15k for my installation, COCT registration and CoC of full solar. Would love to get installer only charging 7k in Cape Town.
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    Wootbook, yes/no?

    Just had my battery swollen on mine. 3k to replace. Wootbook 2 years old, barely used the battery. Joys!
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    SA smart plugs that can be flashed with Tasmota

    So what you guys using or prefer? Localtuya or Just got some of the BNETA switches and looking to integrate with my HomeAssistant.
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    Car finance interest rates

    I got worse rates from Investec on my house (prime - 0.75%) than on my vehicle (prime - 1%). Did another application for investment prop last week, rate was prime - 0.25%.
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    Is BCX having some troubles??
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    2018 LG TV Service Menu

    Anyone in Cape town area that can help me out? Borrow your logitech harmony or android phone with IR blaster for 5 minutes. I'll throw in a beer
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    [S] Efergy E2 energy monitor

    Still available?
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    Ceiling Crack

    Wow you guys are great thanks! It is perfectly straight. Where it meets the ceiling there is no cracks near the wall so makes sense its the gypsum board.
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    Ceiling Crack

    Hi Hope someone can assist. Viewing a house to buy and everything is perfect except for this crack in the ceiling. Anyone know what would cause this? Something to be alarmed about. I'm in cape town area if anyone can put me into touch with someone that might be open to home inspections.
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    Vumatel and MindtheSpeed Any Help?

    I've been struggling with my fibre network, have 20/20 with MindTheSpeed under Vumatel. My download speed has degraded to the degree where I can barely open pages sometimes. I've logged a query and followed their instructions, clearly shows there is an issue. However, Vumatel keeps insisting...