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    Paying for domains with PayPal?

    Hello My apologies if such a question has already been answered. Does anyone know if there is any registrar that allows for customers to purchase domains via PayPal? It'd make my life a bit easier. Thanks!
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    Nokia rejected my app, I responded with funny videos

    Hello everyone, I haven't been at the forum for a very long time. Recently I learned how to program with Qt, and was very excited to finally develop my own version of the classic drug dealer game. Nokia rejected it when I submitted it to the Ovi Store, and even after appeals, the decision...
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    Who's problem? Axxess, Telkom, or my modem?

    Hello there I've been facing this problem for three days now. I'm on Uncapped Sat 384 with Axxess, and for 15min or so my internet is working fine when I switch on the modem, but after that, suddenly local and international websites load extremely slow. I ran diagnostics on my D-Link...
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    Satellite phone rental for Mozambique

    I have no idea where to post this, but here it goes: I'm going to travel from JNB to Pemba, Mozambique in about two weeks by car, and I'm going to go past vast areas without any cellphone coverage from local networks. My Jeep has a habit of breaking down after 4x4 action, so I'm afraid I...
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    Axxess express vs express+

    Hello there! Axxess has an uncapped package which uses fibre, the other which uses satellite connection. The price is R100 more for the fibre package. Anyone have any experience with this?
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    Advice on DSLR camera

    Hi guys I need advice on a new DSLR camera. I have never owned one, but I need one the latest, Friday. My budget is R7500. My needs for the camera as follows: -A lens for close-up objects and landscape -Video recording capability for 30min or longer -Large memory card to store the...
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    Getting Neotel (Bedfordview)...why shouldn't I?

    That's my question, really. I was at Eastgate today to get some work done at PostNet, and I saw in front of me the big poster - Neotel prime - R999 unlimited. I asked the rep, and he said it was unshaped, no restrictions whatsoever. I got really excited. I saw it long ago, but I thought it...