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    KKBT Ponzi Scheme

    Hi all, Seems like another ponzi scheme similar to MTI started a while ago - and I have warned the people I know who want to "invest" in this scam. Apparently it's the same group from First Solar and Genesis Solar that is operating this scam. Any...
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    Recommended places to get solar panels from

    Hi guys, Thinking to invest in a solar system for my house, but not very familiar with the different brands etc. Some questions: My house electricity are running on a hospital line, so I do not experience any load shedding. However with Eskom getting more and more unstable it might be wise to...
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    Which ISP?

    Hi guys, I got informed yesterday that Frogfoot is accepting pre-orders for fibre in my area (finally!). A choice of the following ISPs are available for my area: ASAP Adept Amobia ClearAccess MyOwn ISP Web Africa Nexus Net Interexel Axxess Gsolutions Packetsky RocketNet RSAWeb Skyfi...
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    LTE Activation

    Hi, I've got a new LTE contract but have been struggling this whole week with the call center to get LTE activated. According to the call centre, it is activated, however only 3G shows on the Huawei B315 router. When I force it to 4G, it does not connect. Will appreciate if anyone can assist...