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    Loud Fans - MSI Coreliquid Cooler

    Hi Guys I upgraded my PC yesterday. I've got a MSI z590-A Pro and MSI Coreliquid 240r cooler, with a 11600k, and Corsair 275 Airflow case. The cooler radiator had to be installed on the front of the case. It makes a huge amount of noise even when idling, so much so it can be heard in the rest...
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    Brand New Motherboard Damaged by Matrix (Advice?)

    Hi Guys I think this is my first thread here. I need some advice! I purchased some new components to upgrade my PC. I got most parts from Evetech (Case, RAM, Cooler, CPU), but the motherboard from Pc Link (I know, but they were a R1k cheaper than Evetech). Once I got all the components I...