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    I7 4790K CPU

    Hello folks, I am interested in purchasing a second hand i7 4790k CPU. Please leave your asking price in this thread, thank you.
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    RAIN - Unlimited 4G 24/7 (Some Feedback)

    Hi, After using the "unlimited 4G 24/7" package for about 2 months, I would like to share my experience with this package. So far I am very happy with the download rate, it's definitely an upgrade from our 4Mbp/s ADSL line, I always get around 1,3MB/s download speeds and falls within the "up...
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    ADSL ISPs with SACS route enabled

    Hello folks, So, just a quick question, which ISPs are currently live on SACS with their ADSL subscribers? Some are live with their Fibre subscribers, but alas... Fibre will probably never arrive where I live. Thank you.