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    Don't camera importers pay shipping, VAT, etc?

    I see a certain digital camera is available in the US for $899, i.e. R13 900. Local camera stores are pricing it at R12 400 - R14 300. How is this possible?
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    Is it possible to temporarily rent access to very high speed broadband?

    Is it possible to temporarily rent access to a very high speed connection? The idea is to do the initial online backup of some machines using this, as even on a 100Mbps fibre line this would still take weeks. Subsequent incremental backups should, however, be manageable on this 100Mbps line.
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    Netflix & Unotelly - why poor quality on a good line?

    I've been streaming Netflix through Unotelly onto a Samsung 55" HDTV for a while now. Most of the time the picture is blurry, definitely not 1080 quality, although it occasionally becomes crystal clear. This is very frustrating, to the point that if it can't be fixed I'm going to dump Netflix...
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    Telkom fibre line: unusable upload speeds

    I have just installed a 40Mbps Telkom fibre line. Get download speeds of 35Mbps but upload speed is less than 1Mbps. This upload speed is less than that on my backup 10Mbps ADSL line! Is this normal? Can't work in the cloud at this speed or do offline backups. Even Skype struggles.
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    Replacing small office ADSL with LTE?

    We have a small office wireless network connecting 5 laptops. Currently using a 10 Mbps ADSL line, with max usage 100GB per month. Need more speed. Could LTE replace the incoming ADSL, and would it be economically viable? Happy to pay double the ADSL cost.