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    Will you continue to wear a mask?

    I saw this posted on social media... The wearing of a mask shows you exactly who to avoid. If you're wearing one I think: A) idiot B) up to no good C) fugly
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    Will you continue to wear a mask?

    If you can see condensation while you breathe against a mirror while wearing a mask, nothing is being blocked! The only reason doctors use masks is to ensure that the patient they are attending to does not projectile vomit in their mouth or that a sliced artery does not hose their mouth/nose...
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    Will this prevent SIM swap fraud?

    This will not stop the fraud, it will just make it more dangerous for people when their SIM is stolen. They may now also literally loose a finger too. In addition to this, who controls the security of the providers storage database that contains the personal information? This will in effect...
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    Do you have any interest in Black Friday this year?

    The money you may "save" is likely to be far outweighed by money you spent for things that you would normally never have purchased in the first place, and only considered because you "saw" what looked like a "bargain". This is like placing sweets, chips and biltong in the long twisty isle to get...
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    Nedbank Giveaway – R2,000 cash up for grabs

    A basket of goods is as easy as snapping your fingers, and with delivery included too. Howzat! Avo - peeling back the goodness and getting to the flesh of enjoyment.
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    License plate numbers...

    An item of possible interest regarding the Cape Number Plate designations. When it was initially designed, the idea behind it was that the second letter would be per region, with the letters going from the largest city to the smallest city. So CA - Cape Town CB - Port Elizabeth CD - King...
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    Date Problem with Vodacom Upgrade Check.

    So on attempting to find out if I can upgrade my Contract SIM, I am told no, and that I have to wait until June 2016 ??? This is dated: 2018-11-13