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    NetExtender VPN Connections Cell C Issues.

    Hi All, We have Cell C routers for users working from home and since yesterday they cant connect to NetExdender via Cell C. Vodacom & MTN works no problem. Upgraded the version to the latest and restarted firewall still no luck. Any ideas as calling the Cell C call center is useless.
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    Cell C VPN issue

    Hi All, Has anyone had an issue with Cell C connecting to a VPN. We have been using Cell C for users working from home and since yesterday they cant connect to the VPN all of a sudden. I will use Vodacom and it works no problem only Cell C issues. We use NetExtender and installed the latest...
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    Moving Pension fund to Preservation Fund.

    Hi All, I am moving to a new job and want to move my existing pension fund into a preservation fund. I have been looking at Sygnia as an option what else is out there that is worth considering.
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    Easy Equities EC10 Crypto Index

    Hi All, What is your take on the Easy Equities EC10 Crypto Index tracking, is it worth investing in? Tx
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    Vodacom Fibre outages due to Load shedding & General Power outages.

    I moved over to Vodacom fibre from Telkom ADSL in Nov and I have had more outages in the last month then with all my time with Telkom. I understand the load shedding situation but surely Vodacom should have rectified the issues by now with batteries or generators. We have the same issue when...
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    How do you determine the value of a business when buying.

    A opportunity has risen where party A wants to sell their business due to other obligations. The business is financially doing well but it has room to do more ( I have some inside info from a external party). The catch here is it is renting its premises and only has the equipment used every day...
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    Huawei P20 Camera Issues After Software update.

    Hi Guys anyone else experiencing issues with the P20 camera after the last software update? Camera is extremely slow in taking the actual picture it takes almost 10 seconds to take the picture, photo quality is up to shite, autofocus function seems to be not working. Googled the issue and can't...
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    Advertising as Uncapped with FUP in place false advertising?

    Hi All I was thinking over the weekend has anyone ever taken any ISP to the Advertising complaints commission with regards to advertising as uncapped when in fact it is not truly uncapped as you get throttled with the FUP or am I grabbing at straws as I feel it is false advertising? Some...
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    Vodacom Fibre FUP

    Hi quick question, Vodacom is busy installing fibre in my complex and I need to find out if streaming is included or excluded in the FUP policy as the guys in the Vodacom store says it is included in the FUP.
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    Our Unwavering Commitment to South Africa’s New Dawn By David Mabuza Rather than address in detail the falsehoods and indignities that The New York Times brought on myself, my province, my party and our country, which were later rehashed in...