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    Samsung Galaxy Buds Live - Mystic Black

    Item: Samsung Galaxy Buds Live - Mystic Black Age: New, unopened Price: R1050 Payment Method Accepted: Cash or EFT Warranty: Would assume so, with Samsung. Have the receipt. Warranty Holder: Samsung Packaging: Yes Condition: New Location: Cape Town Southern Suburbs Reason: Don't need Shipping...
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    Geyser Blankets and electricity savings

    Hello Friends So got my bill for April and my electricity usage was insane (for one person living in a small place). I checked yesterday, and my geyser used around 6 units in just a few minutes over an hour. It seems just having my geyser on for an hour a day is going to add a significant cost...
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    Can a phone contract be completed online without a signature in person?

    Edit: typo in the subject that I can't edit - I meant phone contract. This is probably a dumb question, but here goes anyway. I tried to apply for a Telkom contract last week online - gave them my debit order details and everything. If I decided to go with another provider like MTN as I need...
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    FNB Mobile and S22 tradein

    Hi So I don't have a credit score, so cellucity wouldn't allow me to get an S22 ultra contract and tradein my s10e. I'm thinking that perhaps FNB may allow a contract as I've been banking with them for around 7 years and they know about my finances. Does anyone know if you can get a contract...
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    Comfortline Ergonomic Chairs

    I've been doing research on getting a good quality ergonomic office chair to replace the 1K junk Makro chair that has given me 5 years of use. AllOffice is here in Cape Town and they're selling these Comfortline chairs that look really solid, but I wanted to ask if anyone else has tried them or...
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    Nelspruit, Mpumalanga Fiber

    Hello Friends My friend has moved to Nelspruit to start his medical internship, and is looking to get fiber. What are the go to ISPs to recommend? Looking for competitive pricing, 24/7 support, reliability. All the usual stuff :) Thanks!
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    Amazon delays with Aramex

    Hello Friends I couldn't figure out any better place to put this then here. I bought some tech from Amazon a few weeks ago, and it was couriered with Aramex. It should have arrived in Dubai by now after having left the US on the 4th, before being forwarded here, but hasn't registered on the...
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    FNB Pay and Rooted Phone

    Hello Friends I'm seriously considering rooting my Samsung S10e, and installing Lineage OS with Android 12 on it. However, as I understand - this guarantees that I will never be able to use Samsung Pay ever again, even if I revert back to the stock rom later. Is this true? I have seen some...
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    Belkin Surf N150 wireless modem router (3 available)

    Item: Belkin Surf N150 wireless modem router Age: Brand new - sealed & unopened Price: R400 each Payment Method Accepted: Cash or EFT Warranty: Yes Packaging: Yes Condition: Brand new Location: Cape Town Southern Suburbs Reason: Sale Shipping: Yes, on you. Collection: Yes Link: SURF N150...
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    STEM Connect on Vumatel feedback.

    Hello Friends I see that STEM connect are offering some unbeatable deals on the Vumatel network. According to shop.vumatel they're doing a 1GBPS line for R999pm. Has anyone used them? How is their service and technical support?
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    Level-7 Fiber in 2020

    Level-7 has by far the cheapest 200/20mbps line from Vumatel, and I wanted to ask if anyone is currently with them? How are they? Do they offer weekend/after hours support. How are international speeds? *Mean to type Fibre in the Subject box.
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    Samsung Galaxy S10e 128GB Prism Black

    128GB Single SIM Version Prism Black 4 months old and under warranty. Comes with two cases, box and pre-installed screen protector. Mint condition 10/10. Price: R9500 No scammers or chancers please. PM me if you'd like pics, or if you want the IMEI number to verify that the phone is...
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    What speeds should I expect with the RAIN R250 uncapped 19h a day deal?

    Hi. Apologies if this has been answered already, but I only really see threads about RAIN and 5G lately. The Title pretty much says it all. I'll be in a covered area, and currently have a B315 but I am considering getting a B618 router. What speeds do you get, and would upgrading my router...
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    Lenovo V510 i5 7200U, 8GB Ram, 240GB SSD, Warranty Till July 2020.

    Item: Lenovo V510 Age: +- 2 Years Price: R7000 neg Warranty: With Lenovo Till 07 / 2020 Packaging: Will Package Nicely if shipped Condition: Excellent 9.8 / 10 Location: Cape Town Shipping: Included Collection: Yes Specs: Intel Core i5 7200U 7th generation 2.50Ghz 8Gb DDR4 Ram 240GB Western...
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    Lenovo T440 core i5, 8GB RAM, 240GB SSD, 14inch 1600x900 HD+ screen

    Item: Lenovo T440 Price: R5900 Packaging: Will Pack Safe if need be. Condition: Excellent 9/10 Location: Cape Town, Southern Suburbs Reason: Got a desktop Shipping: Yes, via Postnet to Postnet R99 Cost and Risk on you Collection: Yes CPU - Core i5 4300u SSD- Western Digital 240GB SSD - brand...
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    Huawei LTE CPE B315 4G Wireless Router

    Item: Huawei LTE CPE B315 4G Wireless Router Age: Few years - not sure exactly, but barely used. Price: R1000 neg Warranty: No Packaging: Yes Condition: Excellent Location: Cape Town, Southern Suburbs Reason: Don't need it as I have fiber Shipping: Sure - via Aramex door to door R99. Risk on...
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    Vox Fiber - Feedback

    Is anyone experiencing slow download speeds on Vumatel's network with Vox. I'm in the Cape Town Southern Suburbs - speedtests normal but downloads are 10% of what they should be.
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    D-Link DSL-G2562DG - Fiber + VDSL + ADSL router

    Item: D-Link DSL-G2562DG - Fiber + VDSL + ADSL router. Age: 6 months Price: R1000 negotiable. Warranty: Not sure Packaging: Yes Condition: Excellent - looks brand new Location: Cape Town - Southern Suberbs Reason: Getting Fiber and ISP will provide a free router Shipping: Yes - Aramex R99 - will...
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    How is Vox Fiber in 2019?

    Looking to sign up with Vox for Vumatel Fiber. They have excellent prices and are one of the only ISPs that offer free installation (the R1725 Vumatel fee) as well as free activation, as long as you don't cancel within the first 12 months. However, I'm seeing some nightmare posts from last...
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    How long does Vumatel take to install fiber into your home, from the moment the grey boxes are put up outside your house?

    Grey boxes were put up outside my house 2 weeks ago. How much longer should I expect, before technicians start coming to the homes to install the fiber?