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    Unclear fingerprints

    Please help! I am from the Eastern Cape and when my driver's licence expired in September last year I was told to apply for a temporary one as result of the backlog. They could not take my fingerprints as I am 69 years old - old problem. The temporary licence has expired now, and I was told that...
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    Outgoing e-mail on Android

    I am sure this is an old problem, but please assist. I have got a new Samsung A6+ and cannot send my Cybersmart e-mail. Incoming is fine. Outgoing is fine - I have installed on Gmail (option 'other'), as well as on Samsung's e-mail - both receive the incoming e-mail but it seems the outgoing...
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    How to invest in US stock exchnages?

    I have opened account with Interactive Brokers with 1000 Euro(!- thought I should have some direct exposure to Euro, then changed my mind and decided US stocks and funds will be better. I have done an internal transfer to USD, but from there it is nightmare! There is now a dollar account with...
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    Ask Coindirect CPO Stephen Young Anything About Cryptocurrencies

    Should crypto currency form part of your overall investment portfolio and if so, what percentage will you recommend for person close to retirement?
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