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    Request for possible tower installation

    Good day @VodaRouter @voda_mrbh @MTN @Cell_C @VodacomData We have serious network connectivity issues in my area, the only way you can make a call is to leave your house and stand somewhere in the open area to do that. There is cellphone tower but it seems it is not coping as the economy in my...
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    Who ever from Craz-e-Deals?

    Who ever from Craz-e-Deals and got their delivery in order and on time, they are selling awesoe products but I doubt buying from them until someone approves.
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    My company shows "Non-compliant tax status found" on CSD

    My company shows "Non-compliant tax status found" on CSD and the TCC expires in May 2018. Does anyone know what might be causing this. Thanks.
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    BitCo Fibre

    BitCo Fibre offers you the following benefits: Guaranteed 99% uptime, highly reliable connectivity Uncontended bandwidth 1 : 1 (local and international) Uncapped Internet Temporary Wireless Link available whilst Fibre is being deployed. Wireless while you wait Synchronous Internet...
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    Free and Open Source Software(FOSS) for Jobs

    I believe government can create more jobs by utilizing FOSS instead of off the shelf ready software. Graduates will be employed to improve the existing FOSS and learn hard core development skills at the same time. Commercial software are expensive and they do not give money to our country but to...