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  1. threegee

    MTN unwilling to fix LTE issues

    I now have speed problems ongoing since 9 December 2020 (confirmed by MTN through OpenWeb) and yet nothing has been done to fix it. I have tickets open with their coverage helpdesk and they keep telling me its been escalated or instead asking me again and again to fill in their stupid online...
  2. threegee

    Hidden Varnish Caches

    Who is the network running these hidden varnish caches? This is 90% of the problem with the internet. These caches misbehave all the time yet nobody notices. Occasionally, like this morning, I actually get an error message bringing the hidden nature of these caches out of hiding. Notice I am...
  3. threegee

    Breaking IT and Tech News? (Trusted in Tech)

    Dear MyBroadband. I, like many other people, have been on your site and forums since inception. Have come to know you as what you claim to be ie. "Trusted in Tech" but these days it appears you are more interested in media that has nothing to do with IT and when something important happens like...
  4. threegee

    International Speeds

    I shudder to think how bad things must be before you give something a class of "High Impact" :unsure: Any update on what's going on? Takes upwards of 1 minute to open a 2.5kb text file over the internet. "xxxx","16/1/2020 10:25","SAST","93.44","48.08","31","Cape Town","1250","multi"...
  5. threegee

    Terrible fibre service, Hillcrest KZN since midday

    Have absolutely dreadful fibre service in KZN since midday. Timeouts galore and constant link dropping. No notices on Afrihosts page but also no reply yet from Afrihost to tweets, DM's and a support ticket. Anyone else in KZN with the same issues? Speed test shows 80mb but browsing, email...
  6. threegee

    Hillcrest KZN (Afrihost/Openserve) Fibre dreadful since midday

    Have absolutely dreadful fibre service in KZN since midday. Timeouts galore and constant link dropping. No notices on Afrihosts page but also no reply yet from Afrihost to tweets, DM's and a support ticket. Anyone else in KZN with the same issues?
  7. threegee

    ISP's using hidden cacheing devices but DENY they exist.

    I am now on my second Wireless ISP in a year. The first started giving major problems with various things becoming very slow and I proved they were cacheing on their network but when questioned they denied it. Several months of this back and forth complaining I eventually got one of their sales...
  8. threegee

    Advice Ubiquity Amplifi

    Wonder if anyone has one of these new Amplifi systems from Ubiquity and how it's performing. I'm looking for a really good wifi solution that allows me to see what's going on all the time, and also set speed limits for users while prioritizing other users and also ability...
  9. threegee

    The Reason ADSL goes down and Lines drop [Sharonlea, Randburg]

    Here's two pics of what probably causes untold problems with Telkom lines on a regular basis. This is from one location in Sharonlea, Randburg. There is another location in the same suburb with the same exposed wires just waiting for rain to fall on them or someone to fiddle with them. Telkom...
  10. threegee

    ADSL in Olivedale / Sharonlea area

    Every day from around 1:30pm we have a massive slow down in this area. After 6/7pm it speeds up again. It's not a line problem nor an ISP problem as we have tried Telkom, Axxess, Afrihost, Mweb and are now currently with PLUGG who still seem the best overall. Every afternoon from 1:30 > 5:30...
  11. threegee

    9 Months Later BIS still sucks !!!

    I left Blackberry 9 months ago after waiting for idle promises from Vodacom and RIM that they were fixing things. 9 months later and I got a Blackberry again purely for BBM'ing but in 9 months nothing has changed, still super suckingly slow. I can bet Vodacom and RIM are still dishing out the...
  12. threegee

    Gmail SMS Verify Codes Not Being Received ??

    Google has now decided to force SMS verification on creation of new accounts, unfortunately for 3 days I have been trying to create a gmail account for a client but in 3 days and 15 attempts there is still no SMS verification code being sent. Anyone else experience this? Is this a Vodacom...
  13. threegee

    FTP Passive Problems / Restricted Speed (Magaliesburg/Hekpoort/Rustenburg segment)

    I wonder if anyone else in the Magaliesburg / Hekpoort / Hartebeespoort / Rustenburg network segment can confirm any problems with file upload speeds using FTP file transfer clients. The problem seems to be specific to File transfer clients like FlashFXP, Filezilla, Transmit FTP (OSX) which...
  14. threegee

    Battery App for IPhone

    Whats your favorite battery app for iPhone, I have Battery HD+ which is ok but I'd like to hear what you favour.
  15. threegee

    Mophie cover for Iphone 4s

    Anyone know who is carrying stock of the Mophie Cover for Iphone 4s ??? Istore's have not even one Mophie for any iphone model in their stores despite it being advertised on their site.
  16. threegee

    Speed Dial App

    Anyone here using any of the speed dial apps for iphone available in the App Store ? Seen quite a few available but hard to pick one that actually might work.
  17. threegee

    GPS Software UK/Europe

    Hi all Does anyone know of any GPS software for BB with UK / Europe Maps? I currently have Garmap but it only has SA maps and I emailed them about UK maps and their response was not at this time. I don't want to use SatNav as it requires data to be turned on and with the ludicrous...
  18. threegee

    Playbook Useful Apps

    The amount of apps for the Playbook is still a bit lean but there are some cool free ones already out (all in Appworld). TheConverter > converts just about anything Color Harmony > great for designers to pick a colour and get complimenting colour sets Guitar Playbook > for the musos, has a...
  19. threegee

    Playbook Tips and Tricks

    Thought I'd start a tips and tricks for Playbook owners, starting with some issues I ran into. TIP 1: Battery Draining Too Quick If you notice your battery is draining rather quick do the following. Open the video chat app and click on I AGREE. Apparently this cycles in the background and...