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    Best New Laptop

    Hi, Since I am now teaching online, I require a laptop that fulfills the following: 1) Has excellent battery life 2) Is fast 3) Has good storage 4) Blocks out background sounds 5) Will last for long Any suggestions on which will be the best laptop for these? Thanks in advance
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    Owner of DTM Benoni kidnapped

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    Being charged after contract

    Hi, My 24 month contract with Telkom terminated in May, and i gave them the 30 days noticed, so it was successfully canceled. My bank account used to be debited around R800 for the 24 months. So everything is fully paid. However, Telkom now sends the invoice for R18 000, as if I paid...
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    Best phone with the basics

    Hi, The LCD of my Galaxy s8+ cracked, and I am soon due for an upgrade. Rather than repairing this, I wanted to compare with getting a basic phone, on which I can use the following: -Browser, -Social media -Video and voice call on whatsapp, -Zoom -Banking, Luno, Ice3x, Binance, Paypal -Camera...
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    $200 on Paypal for sale

    Hi, I have $200 on paypal for sale. R3000 Not negotiable. Pm if interested
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    Fair price to pay for weekly pool cleaning

    Hi, I have a 8 x 4.5 meter pool, around 45 000 liters. Whats a fair price to pay someone to clean weekly, with their own chemicals etc?
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    Worldremit, Paypal or FNB Global

    Hi If if someone will be paying me $300 monthly, which is the best platform for them to use to transfer the funds to South Africa? Will appreciate your responses. Regards
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    Greatest discount ever on Takealot and onedayonly

    Hi, Since we no more get 40% off with Ebucks, I thought the best place to spend Ebucks would be on a store which has massive discounts (atleast 60%, to match Dischem when they had stuff on special) After spending so much time on Takealot and Onedayonly, I really cannot find anything worth it...
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    Salary for a domestic assistant

    HI, Google is confusing me on this and I will appreciate if someone can plrase assist. If my domestic helper works 6 hours a day from Monday to Friday, bland one hour in the evening 19:30-20:30 = 7 hours weekdays 5 hours on Saturdays 4 hours on Sundays. And if I give her the following...
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    Duram primer for plascon paint

    Hi, Is it fine to use another brand primer for plascon paint?
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    Ideal Laptop for teaching, browsing and videos

    Hi, So I am teaching online now, and was looking for a good laptop to use for the lessons. Kindly advise what will be the best laptop to help me with the following: 1) Teaching 2) Video player and good sound, 3) Browsing 4) Good storage. And whats a good budget to keep for this? Will...
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    Registering to home school kids

    Hi, We have decided that our kids should do private homeschooling for the remaining of this year. They will go to a teacher in the neighborhood. Do we have to register them with the government? Are there any laws for doing this private homeschooling? Thanks
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    Does Ramaphosa read or memorise his speech?

    I doubt there can be a script on the desktop??? Otherwise, this guy is really intelligent; to remember the order, and speak so eloquently.....
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    Legal rights against Dischem

    Hi, Inspite of having a covid-19 case last week, Dischem still violated our health by allowing their staff to work, before the results were recieved. I...
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    Healthiest milk in South Africa

    Hi, Which milk is the healthiest to buy? Is the Woolworths Organic milk the best? Hows Douglasdale, Clover, PNP and Spar milk? Also, fat free or full cream? Kindly advise, since google has no answer to this. Thanks in advance
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    Selling Dollars on paypal

    Hi, So someone sent me $250 on paypal. If I withdraw, I will lose out because of paypal fees, then FNB fees. Is it possible to sell these to someone who needs to make an online purchase in US$. They will also lose out on conversion fees. What is the best way to get these dollars into Rands
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    Best thing to import from China to resell

    Hi, So with Voyager miles, I get a free business class ticket to China. And with Mariott and Hilton points, my accomadation gets sorted. So I thought of using this as as oppurtunity to try to go check goods and put on someones container. What is the best thing to import?
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    Messed up rhinolight

    Hi, So the builders done a good job building the house, completing the roof etc. However, when it came to the plaster of the interior walls, they done a terrible job. They claimed it will get sorted out when they rhinolight. Now they rhinolighted, and the job is pathetic. I will dread view...
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    Tile roof or IBR/Zinc

    Hi there, We have to make the decision whether to put tile roof or IBR sheets in our new extention. We currently have a zinc roof on around 200 square meters of our house. On the 100 meter extention, should we change the renovated section to a slightly pitched tile roof (and slowly the rest of...
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    Tips for foundation

    Hi, We are extending our house, and I would appreciate if anyone can give tips on the foundation: 1) Whats the best way to protect the future building from termites and ants? 2) Whats the best product for damp? 3) Any other advise for a good strong foundation, with no problems on the...