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    Is BCX having some troubles??
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    Ceiling Crack

    Hi Hope someone can assist. Viewing a house to buy and everything is perfect except for this crack in the ceiling. Anyone know what would cause this? Something to be alarmed about. I'm in cape town area if anyone can put me into touch with someone that might be open to home inspections.
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    Vumatel and MindtheSpeed Any Help?

    I've been struggling with my fibre network, have 20/20 with MindTheSpeed under Vumatel. My download speed has degraded to the degree where I can barely open pages sometimes. I've logged a query and followed their instructions, clearly shows there is an issue. However, Vumatel keeps insisting...
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    Faulty pc - anyone able to help

    I'm trying to troubleshoot faulty pc. Tried bare metal build, cpu, ram, mobo and obviously psu. Boots few seconds then goes off, boots again and runs. I have no display output. Tried a different psu so that's not it. Both times it starts. Anyone near plattekloof glen that maybe have spare cpu...
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    Another Leak, Another Day

    Another day and another idiotic company posting source code that include customer data on github. Should we just accept from now on that companies can't keep our data it in their pants? Personally not affected by this, but appalled. This from a company...
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    Nexus 5x Goodies

    So Nexus 5x broke, selling the following: Item: Spigen Ultra Hybrid Nexus 5x Case with Air Cushion Technology and Hybrid Drop Protection for Nexus 5x Age: 3 Months Warranty: No Packaging: No Condition: Used (it's still like-new) Location: Vredekloof Shipping: At buyer's risk and...
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    Pentesting for beginners

    Would be really nice to have some of the grey beards assist here. Comments and feedback are welcome. For legal matters this guide should serve for education purposes only for white hat hackers. I hold no responsibility for the actions or intentions of the readers. Ideally this should be used...