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    Getting a driving licence in New Zealand is a pleasure - South Africa should learn from them

    This is not about 1st world or 3rd world but about control. The old NP cadres liked to be in control and the ANC never saw any reason to change it because it suited them. Having everything centralized suits their control narrative, their socialist narrative, their self-delusional Viva ANC...
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    Driver's licence machine in Germany for repairs - could take a month or more

    How stupid are we all? The cracks aren't just showing, they are eroded to the Grand Canyon and the ANC is just spackling over it with a bit of Polyfill. And yet for the most part we remain quiet and give them another chance. Mbalula has just opened up her excuses bag and sounds just like any...
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    Remove old garden trimmer head

    Yeah it was a scorcher :ROFL::ROFL:
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    Remove old garden trimmer head

    Facing the same issue now. Part ordered but I was searching for insight on removal. Have you done the replacement yet? I can confirm though that the 650w is the 6 mm nut. I assume that whole nut in your picture is "it". As far as I understand it, the nut is left hand threaded (makes sense given...
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    End "30% pass mark syndrome" - Maimane

    I've always held that if the old government had really wanted to disrupt the revolutionaries all they had to do is educate black women. Not that they wanted ANY women to get educated. Education is exactly what they should have focused on - ask the Chinese. 26 wasted years on. I worked in school...
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    This is when fibre providers can build on your property - Even if you haven't given them permission

    True but if you read the contracts most of the private service providers sign with the Municipality (or Metro) the wording states that they will return servitudes to their "original condition". So paving where there is paving, tar where there is tar etc. Of course Vumatel and Lightstuck and...
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    This is when fibre providers can build on your property - Even if you haven't given them permission

    Recently had the company Lightstruck installing cable along the pavement outside my house as they have a contract with the Municipality. I had an issue with getting out of my driveway as they had dug a trench. When I asked them to fill it to take my wife to work they said I could "drive over...
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    Test your broadband speed - win R5,000 cash

    Vodacom, Hermanus. Western Cape
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    Have your say about new SABC TV licence fees for Netflix

    Down the road from my house is a supermarket called Store S. It used to stock everything I needed and so I went their almost every day. They charged a small fee for parking which was not a problem since driving there was easier than walking and I could buy all my groceries in one place. Then...
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    Takealot's dominance in South Africa explained

    Customer of Take2 and Kalahari from the beginning and have never had a bad experience and only one hiccup in 10 years with Takelaot. When a product was faulty and needed to be returned they went out of their way to help. They build their dominance by persistence and SERVICE. Can't say the same...
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    SABC outlines its plans for TV license fees in 2020

    I had to check the calender to make sure I was not in the 90's. There are so many better ways to do this. There is so much actual content out there now and the SABC insists on following the same tired path. No wonder every township shack in my town has a dish. As an organisation supposed to...
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    Test your mobile speed now - R5,000 cash up for grabs

    Vodacom, Kwaaiwater Hermanus, Western Cape
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    Do you tip petrol attendants?

    Stop eating fast food. Its full of bad oils and carcinogens - :D Yup those places are called MacDonalds and Steers
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    Do you tip petrol attendants?

    Apples and Oranges I'm afraid, speaking as a former waiter. Petrol attendants perform a task you could do yourself (as you have indicated) ... waiters do something you can't do yourself and by all means, don't tip if they do it badly.
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    Do you tip petrol attendants?

    Same here. Not a mechanic, just a canny person who likes to help others and avoid my own drama. Water/antifreeze mix for topping, jumper leads (many helped with this), red triangles, tyre fix, tow rope and a multi wheel spanner in the boot. Last roadside assist during just before Christmas when...
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    Eskom cuts off Soweto areas for non-payment – Residents retaliate

    How would it be fair for Sowetans, who live in the Province with the highest wages in the country, to pay only R100 p/m while my friends in the township (in an area with a chronic shortage of jobs) struggle to scrape together the "real" cost p/m of "normal" prepaid electricity usage of around...