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    Please share your male grooming regimen

    So I do the bare minimum to keep my body clean. I shower everyday using shower gel, brush my teeth, shave my beard, and use male body lotion. I use cologne on occasion, otherwise it is some deodorant that I use. Do you guys have any tips on skin health or other grooming tips that us brothers...
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    No Iphone 5 at WWDC 2011

    maybe the iPhone 4G, and iPhone 4 with a 4G radio and the dual core A5 processor
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    do all iPhone 4's lag like that????

    remember there are 3 generations of iPod Touches which look exactly the same as the 3 previous generations of iPhones (2/3G/3GS) (speed differs greatly) that could be any model of iPod Touch really, i cannot say
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    I wan't an Ipad2, Should I get one?

    to add onto what Jola said and what clasqm asked all devices running Honeycomb (all the newly announced android tablets excluding the HTC Flyer) can be able to act as a fully fledged USB host for disk drives. peripherals like keyboards/external usb speakers or anything exotic may require some...
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    what DOESNT your iPhone do well?

    so 90% of what glue mentioned are all subjective. things like "The menu on iphone is the best,i used android(desire,galaxy s) and best is still apple.." is a very subjective thing to compare, there is no "winner" it comes down to personal preference. both iOS and Android are the right and wrong...
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    I wan't an Ipad2, Should I get one?

    What can you do on an Ipad? not much just browse and play iOS games Can you watch movies on it? i think only mp4's (or anything off iTunes store) so if you want to watch a ripped movie you might need to convert it which can take a while Does it support plug and play windows devices, Such as...