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    Odd issue in Apple Health

    In the Health app under sources i have a item labeled Heart Rate (icon image is the Apple lost link icon) when clicking on it it gives me a message that "This app is no longer installed" while all fine and dandy, I cant seem to delete/remove it?
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    iOS4 Q

    I've had my 3GS 16Gb for almost a month now, and I'm on 3.1.3 (all synced with Cydia etc) I'm so tempted to upgrade to iOS4 but I'm also hesitant... What too do?
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    Can't wait to get home...

    and JAILBREAK my shiney new iPHONE 3GS :)
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    What a laugh!

    I tried everything Apple said here and nothing I do will drop signal on my 3G or 3GS (apart from a lead lined box or toilet) :)
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    TomTom car kit available locally :)

    Just got this in an e-mail today