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    Huawei B593 - LTE router Item: Huawei LTE CPE B593 LTE/Wifi Router Age: 2 years Warranty: don't think so Packaging: Yes, Original box etc Condition: Works Fine, will blow off dust (pffft) clean now Location: Centurion, GP Reason: upgraded to the B315 Shipping: Your Cost/Arrangements...
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    Standard Bank Mastercard online payment NOT WORKING

    I was attempting to make a paypal payment using my Standard bank Mastercard this morning. (as I have done many times in the past) Three times the paypal account denied my payment, so I thought I'd try later, maybe paypal was busy or their payment's were not working. Then about an half-hour...
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    TELNET into

    Hi, I am trying to TELNET into the (port25) service. (using a terminal) I get a ; "220 Welcome to ESMTP" This is a good response. (the one I expect) I am looking to ultimately send a mail through a terminal. (this is usually done by...
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    HD 1080p demo for tv viewing download

    I am looking for a downloadable hd demo to watch on my fullHD tv. Anyone know of nice place to get .divx or similar demos? My LG 42LD460 has a usb slot, which makes watching series and movies a doddle. I just wanna watch some spectacular eye pleasing stuff to see what the set is capable of :)
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    R799/month drive a new car?

    I have seen cars (Tata Indica's and even Renault sandero's ) that have an ad in the backwindow about this deal for R799 drive a new car. Does anyone know what the catch is? or details of the deal?
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    Good Case and PSU for nice price??

    HI, I'm throwing together a PC and need a case. I'd like one with those clips (without screws) for hdd and dvd drive bays, and a 400, preferably 500W psu. It doesn't need to be brand name one, just a plain one that works nice. Any Ideas? EDIT: Oh yeah, around the R400-R500 mark, less is...