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    Disappearing/Hard to find Products

    Has anyone tasted Mrs Balls lately, so much sugar it really almost tastes like that sweet chilli sauce...
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    Best way to block sound from the Highway

    If your space is sufficient, consider planting trees. Very good sound absorbers...
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    Women-only Motorsport series launched to find potential Formula 1 stars

    Are they going to start from the womens tee?
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    2018 Six Nations

    "How's your daddy, Paddy?"
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    Border's rugby goalposts stolen

    Swift action... stolen 15 August, makes the news 16 Sept...sure, about right.
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    World Rugby to honour Danie Gerber

    Doring van dispatch....
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    I need to understand an Apple person ...

    They don't fall far from the tree.....
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    Southern Kings confirmed in Vodacom Super Rugby

    Don't you think there would be an influx of players to the Kings from the "ousted" side which would "stregthen" the team to a lot better than what they are now, Just a thought...
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    What is DSTV going to do with the Drifta and iOS?

    When is East london getting the Drifta signal, anyone care to answer. Great if this works.