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  1. Ricobyore

    So how long does Steam take to send a code?

    I know this topic is a bit old, but I agree that Steam email codes stink. By the time I get the email and click on the link, I get a session expired notice. I tried emailing them and also get a response to put in the emailed code before I hit send.... the code never arrives...
  2. Ricobyore

    Is Samsung VR really dead?

    Is there any way to still use a Samsung VR headset now that Oculus and Samsung have officially discontinued downloads and support? I still have my R323 headset but no more software. Any idea what else will work with it?
  3. Ricobyore

    Win awesome Seagate drives – Enter now

    Article one provides a small footprint for a large file space. This is perfect for people on the go. Article 2 provides large storage at fast speeds. Conventional HDD's would take ages to read and write to storage of this size. Article 3 provides a quick, seamless solution to expanding the Xbox...
  4. Ricobyore

    Will you stick with Whatsapp?

    Already deleted Facebook. I was a few days late with one of my accounts payments and started getting inundated with ads for Debt Relief Companies on Facebook. Now that is getting a bit too close to the bone. The question begs, what information are they actually getting, and where from? Is even...
  5. Ricobyore

    Is relaxing these aspects of the level one lockdown a good idea or a mistake?

    Closing the bottle stores and leaving the bars open was a bad idea. So if you never had drink at home, you went to the pub and drank, and then drove home under the influence. So much for keeping the drunks off the roads...
  6. Ricobyore

    Will you install the COVID Alert SA app?

    Lets look at reality. If you tested positive, you would be in quarantine, not wandering around the mall notifying everyone with your app....
  7. Ricobyore

    How can your company improve your working conditions?

    Very hard to say how my Company can improve my working conditions since we contract and am at different sites all the time.
  8. Ricobyore

    Which online shops do you use the most? for local and Both have very good service. Banggood's delivery time now much better since they using Buffalo Express.
  9. Ricobyore

    What is the best mobile phone you have ever owned?

    I have a Huawei Mate 10 Pro and a Samsung Note 8. Both are my favorites for different reasons.
  10. Ricobyore

    No Rain internet connectivity in Durban Berea this morning

    I signed up last month and the fastest I got was 3.4Mbs. That is not even 3G speeds. Despite many complaints, nothing has been done. I got told once that I am tethered to congested tower. I even bought a Xpol-6 antenna and pointed it to different towers but still no success. I have now cancelled...
  11. Ricobyore

    Super slow internet service from the back sucker Rain

    I took a rain subscription last month. Never got more than 1.6Mbs. Despite all the complaining, I have not seen anything better, and i am in good coveerage area too. I even bought a Xpol-6 antenna to see if that would boost the speed, but to no avail. After 4 weeks of pitiful speeds, I have...
  12. Ricobyore

    Telkom Mobile Speed, Disconnections & Coverage Problems – click here first!

    Just an update on Telkom's coverage map. Their coverage map is way out of date and because of this they lose sales. I am 250m outside their LTE coverage, according to their map. I got a prepaid sim and loaded 10Gb onto it and put it into my wifes cellphone, which has LTE. Did a speed test and...
  13. Ricobyore

    Telkom VoLTE

    Most probably on sim, or the ISM needs to be registered. Will play around with that tonight and if I don't come right will visit the Telkom shop. Will report back my experiences... :rolleyes:
  14. Ricobyore

    Telkom VoLTE

  15. Ricobyore

    Telkom VoLTE

    I recently took the 60Gb LTE data deal with the Huawei B525 router from Telkom. They advertise that it includes VoLTE so I connected my landline phone to the RJ11 port. Works like a charm, except that whenever I make a call, the router kicks over to 3G and data stops during the call. I notice...
  16. Ricobyore

    Telkom Mobile VoLTE capable?

    I have the same problem with my B525 router, VoLTE is enabled but also drops to 3G during a call, and cuts off the data connection. I see on the VoLTE setup page there is an ISM that is not registered. Does anyone know what this is? Telkom specifically advertises VoLTE with this modem.
  17. Ricobyore

    Test your broadband speed and win prizes worth R5,000

    Ping: 20ms Download: 28.13Mbps Upload: 5.45Mbps Telkom LTE (250m outside coverage area, no external aerial, Huawei B525 modem/router)
  18. Ricobyore

    Telkom Speed Test today

    My stats on Telkom LTE, and I am 250m outside their coverage. No external aerials either. Ping: 25ms Download: 36.7Mbps Upload: 2.22Mbps