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    Study Tips and Guidance - UNISA BSc computing

    Hey mybb I am going to be studying at UNISA next year (BSc computing). I have a few queries: 1) I have the option to choose 2 of the 3 Elective Modules, however can you choose to study all 3 electives, as they all interest me? 2) There is a speak of a big Unisa forum on mybb, can anyone guide...
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    Laptop on a budget for BSc Comp Sci Student

    Hey guys Can you please suggest good laptops (on a budget) that will get me through 3/4 years studying BSc Comp Sci (at UNISA) beginning next year. Maybe you know of good sites to purchase online? Do you suggest I wait for Black Friday deals?
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    Can I work abroad with BSc Computing from UNISA

    I want to get into web development, UI / UX design.. The current goal is to get a BSc Computing qualification from UNISA, as it is currently the cheapest option and will allow me to study and work, and to also do online courses in UI / UX design to gain skills in that area. I would eventually...