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    Fibre in Jeffreys Bay coming, built by Igen

    Pricing is going to play a major role in my choice. I am quite content with my 4MB ADSL line for now. Touch wood...haven't had any issues really. A 10MB line isn't really necessary for what I do. So for me to make the move, they will have to come in at a price point which is equal to (or not...
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    Fibre in Jeffreys Bay coming, built by Igen

    They are edging their way closer to my street, only two streets away now....saw over the weekend that there are white arrows painted on the road, pointing down from where they are currently busy (Blackwood) towards and onto my street (Camphor Tree). Cautiously optimistic...
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    The difference between contract and prepaid data prices

    And in other news, apparently the sun is hot and the oceans are wet.
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    Fibre in Jeffreys Bay coming, built by Igen

    Thanks for that update! Even if it takes a while...I am happy to be moving in the right direction. Never in a million years thought that we could be getting fibre so soon! I just hope that they keep their prices at a reasonable level.
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    Fibre in Jeffreys Bay coming, built by Igen

    Cool. I'll maybe contact them in a while. If you hear anything, post here. :) I'm assuming that you will HAVE to make use of iGen as an ISP? Or will you be able to e.g. use on of the options from Afrihost? Attached photos of what they are busy with a few streets away from me...hope they are...
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    Galaxy Note 8

    June 2019 security patch available on MTN.
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    The latest leaks and rumours about the Galaxy Note 10

    But what other options do you really have if you need the stylus? I use that every of my major reasons for buying the Note. My Note 4 lasted close to 4 years, current Note 8 only 18 months old so it can still go a while. Think I'll skip the 10 for now....
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    Awesome big data deals in South Africa

    I will start to get excited about hits when I can get something similar without a contract.... E.g. going on holiday, I could do with a one-time 10GB or 20GB data package. Especially if the weather is really crappy and the little ones want to watch a little bit of Netflix on the tablets.
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    Fibre in Jeffreys Bay coming, built by Igen

    Would also not mind hearing a bit more about what's going on. Was assuming the fibre was more for backbone services between Telkom's existing places. Then, a few months ago I noticed two guys walking up and down my street with one of those wheeled contraptions made for measuring distance, and...
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    Netflix crushes Prime Video in South Africa

    I have a 4MB ADSL line, and there are no real issues, even at high quality.
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    Please Rate Afrihost

    Good prices and products. Very good support the one or two times I've had issues.
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    Galaxy Note 8

    New update available on MTN. Downloading now.
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    Funny Pictures Thread – No. 6

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    Former student uses killer USB to destroy over R800,000 worth of college computers

    Just on a side note....and yes, I know I'm being pedantic...but here goes anyway. Regarding the article heading, 'Killer flash drive'.....not 'killer USB'. :rolleyes: USB is the industry standard, not the actual device, which uses USB.
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    Galaxy Note 8

    Update available for XFA. Downloading 1.9GB update at the moment.
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    Afrihost Mobile Feedback

    It has happened a few times, unfortunately don't know exact time, as I only realise it after a while. I think about 30-60 minutes at a time? Multiple times over the weekend. It seems to be OK today. Will post here if it happens again.
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    Afrihost Mobile Feedback

    Data connectivity back again....some intermittent problem it seems.
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    Afrihost Mobile Feedback

    Anybody else having data issues on Afrihost Mobile today? I can receive and make voice calls, but don't have any data connectivity? I have not made any changes, and have the correct APN set.