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    Rocketnet - feedback?

    Rocketnet website down?.. Anyone on MFN in Douglasdale/Lonehill still down?? Going on 2 days now.
  2. J

    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP - Feedback

    Is there any update on what’s happening with Lonehill? Been down for a while now with no information from MFN so I’d appreciate anything info you have!
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    Two-Day Giveaway - Enter now and win great prizes

    SPIRITED PERFORMANCE REIGNITED PASSION Now the journey really is the destination.
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    New Two-Day Giveaway - Enter now and win great prizes

    BREATHE LIFE INTO YOUR SMART TV. Watch Netflix and Youtube, and enjoy big screen surfing on your TV in the comfort of your home. Our fibre enables your smart TV to make the best of its functionality.
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    New TV to replace HU8500 or possible repair - Some advice?

    Hi all, Seems like this afternoon's storm in my area took out a couple of my electronics, but didn't quite total my tv. While I was actually watching some Netflix, the lightning struck and seems to have hit my ethernet port on the tv. Is it possible for Samsung repair centres to fix the...
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    Rocketnet - feedback?

    What's up with the crap ping to Europe at the moment?
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    Brazil presidential election: Jair Bolsonaro, dubbed country's Donald Trump, wins contest

    Not that he has done anything to my knowledge, but the things he has said are simply not okay. Its the 21st century, you shouldn't have to beat the gay out of someone... Edit: Among other things he has also said that are wrong.
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    Brazil presidential election: Jair Bolsonaro, dubbed country's Donald Trump, wins contest

    The world is so messed up right now :crying: How can one be okay with such a man being a leader? This left-right crap is really screwing with people’s judgement of what is simply considered a “good person.”
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    Rocketnet - feedback?

    International down?
  10. J

    Rocketnet - feedback?

    Yes and South America
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    Rocketnet - feedback?

    Does Rocketnet have any interest in using SACS in the future? Would be awesome :)
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    Rocketnet - feedback?

    Yea my internet is also dead slow. Certain sites, like Reddit or, are unreachable.
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    Rocketnet - feedback?

    I'm sure this has something to do with the actual fibre network then? It's been pretty breezy here on MFN...
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    Rocketnet - feedback?

    Is electrofreeze the only person to be experiencing issues?..
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    Discovery Vitality [2018]

    Anyone still hasn’t received there reward?? I’m still waiting...
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    MTN R128,000 bill and how I got scammed

    Did you possibly leave the iPhone connected to the Mac via USB while downloading those songs? You could’ve been hostpotting to the Mac overnight then which may have updated or something?... I know my iPhone is setup to do this
  17. J

    What new 55" 4K TV? Not sure how reliable these guys are though.. but going for 20k.