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  1. Polymathic

    Grandfather with gun chases off armed suspects

    They were lucky that Mr Ghandi didn't go nuclear
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    Why touch screens in vehicles are a bad idea

    What happened to on-steering controls?
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    Natural Selection
  4. Polymathic

    Woman left blind in one eye after using microwave to boil eggs [UK]

    It was a roll and I out it for 1 minute, took bite of it to find the inside of it turned into charcoal. Outside still looked normal .
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    Natural Selection

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    We’ll turn our economy around, whether people like it or not' – Ramaphosa

    CR has a realistic chance of getting 10% annual GDP growth in a couple years. All he needs is the economy from now to that time.
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    Woman left blind in one eye after using microwave to boil eggs [UK]

    Cooking in the microwave is really dangerous. Heat up bread for a couple seconds too long and you risk burning your entire home down
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    Huawei on track to take down Samsung in South Africa

    No. The A20 was always at that price point.
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    Huawei on track to take down Samsung in South Africa

    Took my parents to the Telkom Store to help them close their landline account. A lot of their Huawei contracts have been heavily discounted to compete with Samsung A series devices even though the cash prices of these devices are much higher than Samsung. An example is the A20 which as a cash...
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    Natural Selection

    Explain to us what you mean by the term
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    Natural Selection

    I'm not a Scientologist. Don't know where you got that idea from
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    Natural Selection

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    Down Low(closeted) Men in Cape Town

    Maybe they are bi. I've noticed recently that most bisexual people eventually settle down in a heterosexual relationship.
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    Ramaphosa signs controversial debt-relief bill into law

    Truthfully this is just going to cause the banks to cover up these losses by increasing bank fees and stop providing credit facilities for people earning in and around the minimum wage. At the end of the day like so many other things it's the middle class going to end up covering up for the...
  15. Polymathic

    Skyworth Binge Android TV box

    What are the new features in the TV version of 9.0... assuming there are any?
  16. Polymathic

    South Africa tour of India, 2019

    Looks like India was planning to #1 in ODI rankings and world cup winners when this tour was planned . Little did they know that NZ will knock them out in the Semis and South Africa will have their weakest ODI squad since readmission.
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    how can someone get a dedicated Channel on DSTV Africa Pay TV Platform

    What channel type of channel?
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    US threatens to pull out troops stationed in Germany in row over defence spending

    Warsaw, Stalingrad and couple other places baked to the point they become Ashes