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  1. Freshy-ZN

    SA Post Office - confirmed useless.

    I should have listened, I should have paid attention. I should have believed it. The South African Post Office is dead (or appears that way) Need to get important docs legalised at DIRCO for kids EU passport applications. Sent them using registered letter to Pretoria to save the expense of an...
  2. Freshy-ZN

    MTN Support Line: beyond useless.

    Seeing as though MTN are unable to register my sim card on the network in 3 days I am forced to cal 083 1 808 from my landline instead of just 808 had I had a working cell. Apart from having to listen to all the FICA nonsense everytime, after entering my cell number and following a convoluted...
  3. Freshy-ZN

    Blackberry and Fring

    I see fring has a Blackberry download. Has anyone used it and does it work over BIS/BES or data bundle?
  4. Freshy-ZN

    Uniforum: You still suck!

    In the process of switching a whole lot of domains to a new server. This is always a painful procedure with the coza domains thanks to Uniforum's archaic and painful ticket system. But this time the procedure is even more painful... 1) When doing the updates for the domains the system checks...