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  1. powermzii

    Mesh vs Dedicated APs

    We are finally getting Fibre in the complex in the next few months and am trying to plan out a small home network. House is a double story flat with bedrooms upstairs and living areas downstairs with combined floorspace of about 190sqm Currently I have Telkom LTE-A running off a Huawei B618...
  2. powermzii

    Galaxy S10+ Clear case and Screen Protector

    Item name (be very descriptive): Clear cover and screen protector for Galaxy S10+ Age and condition: New but boxes have been opened to check the items fit the phone Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Not sure - will have to check if I still have the receipts from Vodacom store Reason for...
  3. powermzii

    Samsung Galaxy S10+ 128 GB (Prism Green)

    Item name: Samsung Galaxy S10 + in Prism Green colour - 128GB Age and condition: Brand new (delivered 27-02) - opened just to check contents and check that it boots up. Do you include packaging: Yes original + All peripherals in their original packaging Warranty: Standard warranty from Samsung...
  4. powermzii

    Pine Gap - Netflix series

    Anyone caught this on Netflix? Was a bit hesitant but once I started I couldn't stop, only 6 episodes in the first season but the writing and direction is pretty good.
  5. powermzii

    Home Sound help needed

    Hi Guys Was fortunate enough to be able to get a Samsung 4K TV on special but as usual the normal TV speakers are beyond crap. Am looking for a decent package sound-wise to play the sound from the TV and bluetooth music etc. Budget is tight given the recent TV outlay but am not keen on any 2.1...
  6. powermzii

    FNB App not recognising my Username

    Has been happening for a few days now - i enter my username (the same one i use on the web) and it returns an error that the username is not valid for IB. I enter the same username on wen and am able to log on So i delinked my phone (on the web) and uninstalled the app. Reinstalled and i am...
  7. powermzii

    Jeep Warrior Race 2016

    Not sure how many of you here have heard of / participated in this race series. Essentially it is an obstacle course race done over 5 / 10 / 15km - you choose which one you would like to enter. Sponsored by Jeep and a number of other companies. It is similar to the Impi challenge and is lots of...
  8. powermzii

    Cruise control and fuel consumption

    I have done a search but haven't been able to find an answer - Does using cruise control on long journeys lead to improved fuel consumption? I know the manufacturers might say yes but what have normal users on the road found?
  9. powermzii

    Validation of Cell and Landline numbers

    Hi everyone, newbie here so was not sure where to post this: Am working on a project that needs to validate SA cell and landline numbers on a systems (10million plus numbers) for correctness. We are doing all the normal checks (must be 10 digits, no alpha characters allowed and also checking...