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  1. schuits

    Unable to get ITC

    Hi, Hopefully there is a Cell C rep here that can help. A little while ago we were 'liberated' of 3 cellphones. The insurance wants ITC numbers to prove we have blacklisted the phones. We walk into Vodacom, and are instantly issued an ITC for the blocked phone. All electronic, no hassle. We...
  2. schuits

    Beach holiday with sour ending

    Bit of a vent thread..sorry. So I take my family down to a lovely beach house near Port Shepstone. Holiday is going great and I'm just starting to unwind. Then near 2am I sit up in bed cause I thought I hear a thud. As I look over to my wifes side of the bed there I see a BM crouching beside...
  3. schuits

    IP Infrared Bullet Cameras x 2

    --removed-- (can't find the delete button)
  4. schuits

    Tactical Distributors

    Has anyone dealt with them? I see they have 2 physical shops so I felt safe with them. Ordered some stuff online, and it's just been sitting there with 1 item on backorder. I mailed them, but they don't respond. Then I checked Hello Peter and it seems they have scammed people out of money before.
  5. schuits

    Fortnite: Raging teenager

    So my teenage son is addicted to fortnite. Fine, I guess, I play games too. The problem is he's constantly shouting at the computer and his friends, like way too loud. The SO and I are getting tired of reprimanding him. So I'm writing a system app that will monitor the microphone input levels...