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  1. qscwbt

    Finally fibre in my valley

    Please give some input my options for service providers are: Accelerit Fibre. Cool Ideas Home connect Web Connection Packetsky Web Quad imagine I looked and home connect looks good. Unless anyone has some input. Second question: I need to do some work at home which include outlook, email and...
  2. qscwbt

    The Merc model Merc should have made

    So some brave sole took a Holden HK Monaro and used a Mercedes 1960 SEL nose to make this. I love it.
  3. qscwbt

    Another very upset Ford client

    Seems even the rangers are burning.
  4. qscwbt

    The Corsa problem solver

    The little database of Corsa issues.
  5. qscwbt

    All new fiesta on fire

    Received this yesterday and apparently the fiesta caught fire on its introduction to the motoring journalists. Seen a post on Fb saying it happened on the N2. Will see If I can find an article.
  6. qscwbt

    Wendy Shed

    I am based Pretoria area. Any suggestion on places to get a Wendy house. Just need one to be used as a storage shed 3 x 3. Found a couple of stories of either poor quality or poor service. Anyone can suggest a company?
  7. qscwbt

    Ford & Volkswagen On The Verge Of Announcing Partnership

    Ford and Volkswagen are widely expected to announce a wide-ranging partnership at next week’s Detroit Auto Show. For months now, Ford and Volkswagen have been in talks about partnering up on various new endeavors. It started with an announcement last summer with the two companies co-developing...
  8. qscwbt

    Energy Dept proposes setting maximum price for 93 octane petrol

    JOHANNESBURG - The Energy Department says industry players have been given an opportunity to comment on the possibility of setting a maximum price for 93 octane petrol. The department has sent out the proposal in a letter to those involved but has stressed that nothing has been set in stone...
  9. qscwbt


    Tomohauk was the name given to this monster, which is a modified 2010 Jeep JK. The vintage vibe from old WWII planes is apparent in the intricate design and detail found throughout Tomahauk. Hauk Designs owner and founder Kenny Hauk as spoken of the inspiration for this particular project...