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    Swimming pool recommendations - Johannesburg

    Looking for a 3x7 pool, marbelite preferable but considering fibreglass option as well. Every other company that has a website have extremely bad reviews on hellopeter (I don't rely on them completely but that is definitely a factor at times) Has anyone used any contractors recently? Any...
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    Kids selling lemonade and things inside security estate

    Does this happen in yours? In our WA group, only 2-3 parents voiced their approvals but I suspect their kids' are the ones that selling these. :) Just curious to find out if this happens everywhere.
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    Reserve Bank governor sues ANC councillor Andile Lungisa for R500k over 'lackey of racists', k-word tweets
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    Makro delivery speed - very chill

    Ordered heater - hoping to get it before winter hits in december.
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    Tshwane mayor, officials on paid-for Huawei 'smart city' tour to China
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    [LISTEN] I am the CODE aims to get 1-million girls coding by 2030
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    Where do socks go?

    I got 14 single ones. Hence the question.
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    [Pakistan] Imran Khan claims Pakistani intelligence led CIA to bin Laden
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    'Customers' caught on CCTV in brazen R8m Sandton jewellery store heist
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    people wanting you to pay for pampers diapers inside shops like woolies, pnp etc

    Is this a new thing now? Met a guy yesterday - he was holding a debit/credit card and said that his card was declined and he doesn't want money but can I buy pampers diapers for him please. He was well dressed.
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    EFF's Floyd Shivambu and his secret Johann Rupert rendezvous
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    Gordhan’s next target is Lindiwe Sisulu – Malema It looks like either Malema is afraid to take Gordhan's name or he has received legal advise that if he calls PG by middle name, he is not likely to be sued. :unsure:
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    Investors may have lost R100 million in a scheme run by a prominent Joburg advisor, who warned them to prepare for a ‘coming crash’
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    Hawks say it has given NPA head more than 1 800 'trial-ready' cases
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    Metrofibre down thread

    Been down in halfway gardens, Midrand area throughout the day.
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    Mkhwebane finds Gordhan violated executive ethics code, SARS 'rogue unit' was unlawful
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    This popular SA app delivers your groceries within an hour - for only R45
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    ANC councillor starts 5-year jail term for fraud, money laundering
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    Financial goals at age 50

    No debt on car & live-in property Possibly 1 buy to let (flat/apartment) on mortgage Savings + investments (local + offshore) cash value 2 times annual household income Too much to aim for? Too less?
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    DA MP Phumzile van Damme throws punch 'in self-defence', Waterfront probing 'race row'