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  1. GIGZ

    Vendor Neutral Map

    Hi There Is there such a thing as a vendor neutral, regularly updated, fibre coverage map that one can find online? If not, and you decide to create it, I need my share from you. ;)
  2. GIGZ

    Credit Card Application

    Hi all. Quick question, but scenario first: Last year November, I applied for a Capitec Bank CC; all went well until I was asked about which contract am I on. You see, I couldn't give them a straight answer since, at work I am regarded as a part timer, but I work everyday for the full 8 hours...
  3. GIGZ

    Cars Under R30 001

    Hi Guys I don't know whether there is a thread like this here, if so please send the link. Which cars would you suggest for people who may be looking for a cheap, A-to-B, type of vehicle. They should have some sort of reliability (last for 5+ years), easy & inexpensive to maintain. Also add...