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  1. Stillie

    Fibre in Edenvale. Do you know who this is?

    Hi all, This is a LOOOONG shot but this fibre box is one road up from my road, and i was wondering if anything can tell by the photo, who is providing the fibre to these properties. I would like to try contact this ISP to find out when/if they are coming to our road?
  2. Stillie

    CCMA Process

    Good day all, I wanted to find out what the process is for CCMA? My Girlfriend had 2 jobs with the same employee at different schools. Morning she is a teacher and in the afternoon she was managing the aftercare at another school. She goes on maternity leave, with an email from her employer...
  3. Stillie

    VW Polo Service costs

    Hi all, Im due for the 60 000 service. I got a quote for VW Hatefield in Bryanston and the quote for a 60 000 is R3800? Is that a fair price? Or should i shop around at other servicing centers or would it be a waste and all VW Centers be the same?
  4. Stillie

    Need a bakkie for this weekend (Pretty please)

    Hi all, I need a favour. I need to take some stuff from Honeydew to Edenvale this weekend and was wondering if someone is willing to help a brother out. I need to move some things mainly the large stuff like a table washing machine and baby cot to edenvale from storage. I cant afford to rent...
  5. Stillie

    Assassin's Creed - Unity free on Ubisoft store

    Fetch now!
  6. Stillie

    Brave browser

    Hi all, was just told about a browser called "Brave". Its built off the chrome browser(Chrome extensions work on it). It comes built in with an Ad blocker, BUT if you have ads on, you can earn some BAT Coin (not at the greatest rate but hey its free when you browse ads) Check it out, i am...
  7. Stillie

    'A terrible, terrible thing:' NASA says India has created so much space junk it now threatens astronauts

  8. Stillie

    Satisfactory - FPS open-world factory building sim

    Has anyone got this game? I was wondering what you think of it? I got it the other day but haven't had a chance to play it yet. I want to try play some tonight?
  9. Stillie

    Upgrade to uncapped

    Good day, I was wondering if i buy the R50 sim, would i at a later stage upgrade it to the uncapped option? Or is that another order?
  10. Stillie

    Afrihost LTE-A Signal near the border

    I need to find an internet solution, where i am based, there is no fibre, only ADSL, so i am looking into LTE-A and Afrihost packages look promising. My Concern is that am in a block of signal with some no signal spaces around me. Do i need to be concerned about this? I may be wrong about this...
  11. Stillie

    Paternity leave

    Good day peeps, With this new law there is a bit of a confusion on my side. My son is going to be born soon and I was wondering how this new law allowing fathers 10 days paternity leave. Do I claim those 10 days from UIF? I'm a little confused about it at the moment
  12. Stillie

    Remember the good ol days

    You guys remember the good ol days we used to get love letters from Isp's for downloading certain content? Does anyone still get those and if ýou did, did an isp ever threaten to close your account?
  13. Stillie

    Hospital deposit refund

    Good day peeps, My GF is due to give birth in March, so i had to pay a deposit to make sure she has a bed and doesnt give birth on the floor. So i paid the deposit a couple months ago and now we want to change hospitals. Now the hospital wants to give me my money back, but whats weird is they...
  14. Stillie

    Insurance Assessment Letter

    Good day all, Is there anyone in JHB that can do an insurance assessment on my PC at a fair price? Matrix want to charge me R500 to do an assessment on my PC. It started randomly rebooting when I play games that require more power for the card. I have a 700W PSU with a GTX1080 and it only...
  15. Stillie

    Subnautica Free from 14th till 27th

    Subnautica will be free on the Epic Games store from today till the 27th
  16. Stillie

    Factorio Server

    Good day all, Is there anyone hosting a factorio server in ZA some where that i could join? Fanx!
  17. Stillie

    Power adapter for the fibre box thingy

    Hey guys, Im moving into my new place tomorrow and everything is setup (not configured for my account yet) and the previous owner took the bloody power adapters, i mean really, if you going to take the things just take the whole cable and devices as well.... anyway!!! I wanted to know where...
  18. Stillie

    Linux distro for gaming

    Good day ya'll, Im sorry, this must be the most annoying post for your linux guys out there, i have heard linux is coming up in the world when it comes to gaming, i want to try this again and go linux. Which distro is recommended for gaming, i have only tried ubuntu (this was maybe 8 years ago...
  19. Stillie

    LG 32" Full HD LCD TV

    [SALE] LG 32" Full HD LCD TV Item: LG 32" Full HD TV Warranty: No Packaging: None Condition: Good Location: Roodepoort, Jhb Shipping: No Collection: Yes Price: R2 000 Perfectly working TV for sale, ideally I wanted to trade for 2 x 8gigs of DDR 3 RAM chips but no one wants to do that...
  20. Stillie

    Songs with good guitar solos!

    Hi guys, Im in the mood to listen to songs with good guitar solos in! Do you guys have any that you really love to hear and makes the hair stand on end!