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    Advice needed: moving homeloan to another bank issues

    There might be mention of an early settlement penalty in your Homeloan Contract.
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    Anybody signed up with Tymebank?

    Do those goalsaves do compound interest?
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    OUTsurance forced to settle R65K claim after initially rejecting it

    I thought this would be about someone else when I saw the headline.
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    Fibre network quality fight in Gauteng

    Thats not encouraging. TT Connect are doing the fibre install in our building.
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    Netflix to test cheaper price plans

    Cheaper package plus ads probably.
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    We opened an account with South Africa’s newest bank TymeBank – This is how it works

    I'm guessing that they're compounding the interest on that goalsave account yearly?
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    We put tinfoil on our windows to stop cellphone signals - and it didn’t work

    Thats because tinfoil belongs on your head!
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    Easy Equities good or bad?

    No certificates but I've received emails from the companies that I've bought shares in.
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    LTG tonight?

    Well is there?
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    Google shares fall 9%

    Google Inc. GOOG -9.01% prematurely released its quarterly earnings midday Thursday, reporting that profit declined 20% as total costs jumped and advertising prices continued to slide. Crikey but investors panicked...
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    Lets talk Geek - Episode 91 Have a watch, its live now.
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    Players waging war on EVE's economy

    I find these large scale events fascinating when I come across them.
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    Battlefield 3 Announced - Jets and 64 Player Multiplayer

    Hell yeah, hope they don't F it up. Better Net Code please.
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    I got an SMS from Standard Bank saying that I have to come with my ID and Proof of Address else they would close my account. What the hell is up with that? To open the account I had to give them my ID and Proof of Address. Is this a scam of some sort?
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    Killing Floor: Christmas Event

    Killing Floor is about to get an overhaul for Christmas. The familiar range of nightmarish mutants will be replaced with an even more disturbing group of gingerbread men, murderous elves, fiery snowmen, and super-powered death Santas. And off tune Jingle Bells... Also featuring a guest...
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    Alien Swarm To Get AI Director

    Sounds like good news.
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    Blizzard Continues to Carefully Tinker With Diablo III

    Blizzard Continues to Carefully Tinker With Diablo III
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    I want to try Rabbit. But I want to get fresh Rabbit, as fresh as is possible. I have no idea how long its been kept at the Mediterranean on Jules Street. So any ideas on where I can get fresh Rabbit around Johannesburg? Or at least as fresh as possible ie know the length of time it has...
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    Starcraft 2

    Who is getting it? I'm still not sure if I should get it. Never ever before played starcraft, I just know my oriental buddy liked it :D