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    Google Stadia

    Hi Looking at the latest news on stadia it seems 20-50mbps should be good enough (non 4k). The question is how to get it working in SA? Perhaps using a VPN?
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    Cheapest 150kW Hothatch/Sports Car

    Hi What would be the cheaptest 150kW+ hothatch that you can find? Irrepective of the year or mileage... Obviously being in decent condition and running
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    Skyworth Binge Android TV box

    Has anyone managed to get netflix, youtube, amazon prime, etc. to work on the device? Either loading the app itself or casting it
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    Media Streaming Box

    I see this is also google certified Skyworth Binge Android TV box
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    Media Streaming Box

    Wait wait wait... What about the cheaper sub R1000 options? I see there are cheaper versions of the chromecast also. ..
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    Media Streaming Box

    Hi I am looking for a media steaming box/stick specifically for youtube and netflix. I am looking for a good value, entry level device for my grand parents. Due to it being for my grand parents I need it to be as simple as possible to use. So the UX needs to be easy enough where its not any...
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    Annual Company Bonuses

    Hi Guys, With the tax year end coming up and the calendar year end being a couple of months ago, I would imagine a lot of people have received their bonuses. I am curios to find out how bonuses compare across companies. While I don't expect people to divulge what their individual bonus will be...
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    Combating Load Shedding

    Hi All. So it seems load shedding is here to stay. As a result I think we need to find ways to manage it. I am thus looking for some advice on the best value inverter+battery systesm. I am looking for two small units. One to run a light and PC (almost a 4 hour UPS) and the other for a TV...
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    Stock exchange rate calculator and cryptocurrency

    When I upload my sound in the sound notification setting, the application crashes, who can help with this? Who had the same problem?
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    Stock exchange rate calculator and cryptocurrency

    I have been using it for 2 days, it is much more convenient to trade with it, if we added USDT, it would be great at all. I read on the bitcointalk, in a few months they want to make it paid, about $ 100 a month, I hope this will not happen
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    Kinsey Report

    The thing I don't like is all the car reviews are very soft. All cars are great, the reviewer likes 90% of the car. We need more honest reviews so you know what you getting when you buy the car
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    Kinsey Report

    I agree. So my plan is to buy something I can keep for long enough that the next car is electric or with e hailing and autonomous vehicles we won't need to buy our own
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    Kinsey Report

    Would the turbo not be covered on the warranty? I'm willing to sacrifice the torque for reliability and less out of pocket expenses
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    Kinsey Report

    I'm looking longer than 5, that's the reason for selling my current car. Would the cvt be covered on the warranty? The Nissan has 6 years 150 000km and the toyota can be extended to 8 years unlimited km for a extra cost
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    Kinsey Report

    I guess the actual question is 2.5l xtrail or 2.0l rav4... It's about a 20% price difference (rav4 is more). Or a 1.6dci xtrail for the same price as the rav4. Both petrol are cvt and the diesel is manual
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    Kinsey Report

    So cost of maintenance and services on Nissan and toyota would be similar then? Would cvt be equally reliable?
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    Kinsey Report

    Hi I'm comparing suvs, where I'm trying to look at the post service plan costs to run. The report is quite ineteresting and detailed. My particular focus area is the crossover section where the fortuner came out cheapest. What's interesting is how much more expensive the manual xtrail is to the...
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    Opinion - New Nissan X-trail

    Looking at the 2.5 xtrail, did you get up getting it? How's the fuel consumption and maintenance
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    XTrail vs Rav 4

    I've heard that the 60k km service is crazy expensive because of the timing belt on the xtrail... Not sure how true that is