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  1. MraL

    Desktop Support needed at Vanilla

    * Are you a cool dude/dudette? A nerd, a geek, a computer whizz? * Do you like a casual atmosphere but know how to get a job done timeously and effectively? * Do you like computers? Building them, breaking them, fixing them? * Do you know how to configure a WAN router or troubleshoot a...
  2. MraL

    Vanilla Gigabit - looks like MyBroadband speedtest working nicely :) anyone for Vanilla gigabit?
  3. MraL

    How much can you use in one month over fibre to the home?

    Hi, So many companies offering 'uncapped' unthrottled unshaped fibre to the home products. Can anyone tell me what the most that they have used is? We have one guy who used 1.5TB in one month, is this normal? doable on other networks? Do people on uncapped even monitor their usage? Has anyone...
  4. MraL

    Fastest ISP in SA?

    I'm feeling out of touch with MyBroadband forums... does anyone here know who the fastest ISP in SA is? Which has the fastest international / local interconnections / backbone to the Internet?