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    Personal finance basics, flowchart

    Hi folks, I'm helping out some family in SA get on their feet financially. I'm hoping to find some local information to arm them with - I've been living abroad for so long I'm completely out of the loop. Specifically, I'm looking for two things: 1. A list of all the basic things an adult...
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    Aperture users

    Any old time Aperture users here? I assume we're all pretty much in the same boat, i.e.: - a back catalogue of photos that we want to maintain access to but don't necessarily want to port to a new program - Newer cameras that produce raw files that Aperture doesn't recognise. How are you...
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    OSX on netbooks

    Anyone here running OSX (Leopard preferably) on a netbook? Which one? How is it working? I'm giving the Dell Mini 9 some serious thought. It is apparently 100% compatible.
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    Hi guys, I've made a request to have a dedicated photography forum created - this group is growing and photography threads are dominating the multimedia forum, so I think this is a good time. If you would like to see a thread specifically for photography related subjects, please head over to...
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    The Canon EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens thread

    I couldn't resist :) I thought initially that it is pretty compact - didn't look much different from the kit lens, until I saw it attached to what looks like a 40D body, as seen on the second page of dpreview's preview. I'm a little disappointed that it's not USM - I really like full time...
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    iPhone 3G

    I've been resisting the urge to rub it in you-all's faces for a few days now, but here I go :D I love mine. There was a few initial irritations, but they turned out to be "operator error" - every works really nice and smoothly. I like how it would seemlessly switch between wifi and 3G. I...
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    New entry-level 1000D DSLR from Canon

    The rumors were true, the 1000D has been announced! Looks like a 400D with a smaller screen :) In short: * 10.1 MP CMOS sensor * Up to 3fps * 7-point wide-area AF * Self-Cleaning Image Sensor * 2.5” LCD with Live View mode * DIGIC III processor * SD/SDHC...
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    GPS Data logger

    I got mine this week. Unfortunately, when I ordered it, the *only* shipping option available (direct from Semsons) for people outside the U.S. was DHL 3 business days, which added $40 to the price. Oh well, what can you do. It works pretty well. I had a bit of fun figuring out how the hell...
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    Foto effect

    Photo effect What is this effect called? Not the black border, but the guys face. I can't say I like it too much bit it is very striking.
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    No 64bit Photoshop CS4?

    According to Adobe, CS4 will be available in 64bit for Windows but not for OSX. If I read this correctly, it looks like CS3 isn't fully native after all. EDIT: CS5 will apparently be available in 64bit versions for both operating systems. I wonder when Macs will start to ship with 64bit OSX?
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    Canon G9

    bwana, you're better off with the 400D :-) A colleague of mine received his G9 today. Real nice, camera, but from the few snaps we've taken in the office so far, the noise in lower light situations is comparable to my CyberShot T-100. For interest sake, at ISO 800 not even noise ninja can...
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    3g/hsdpa modem + leopard

    Hi guys, Does anyone know how to connect one of these without the software? I tried a friend's vodacom/E220 combo, but the software doesn't seem to be happy in Leopard - when I click 'activate' it just maxes the CPU. Leopards shows the E220 in network devices, also my ZTE USB modem. The...
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    MacBook Air

    So last night, I suddenly found myself wondering where I am and how I got here. Looked around - glass staircase - aah, I'm in the Apple Store :D So I had the opportunity to poke around on a MacBook Air. Two actually, one with the regular 80GB, 4200rpm drive, one with the 60GB SSD. First...