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    Debicheck is it the answer to debit order fraud?

    The above subject article appeared in the City Press recently.The author raises interesting points which is valid.I must pose the question, why is this system being introduced in South Africa, when no other country in the world has a similar system.What is wrong with our Bank,s.This system has...
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    Obscene salaries of Bank CEO,s

    It is not clear to me why these obscene salaries are paid to Bank CEO,s.From time to time , clients complain on social media the difficulty in bringing a problem to the attention of a CEO.One is normally referred to Customer Care for a resolution and no doubt incompetence is covered up that...
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    UK Television

    Members may be aware of the web site where one can watch UK television for one hour a day free.I have checked their subscription rates and found it to be very reasonable.The quality is very good and I can only suggest that members try it and comment on this posting.On my part I...
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    Cant open a non resident account with a SA passport

    My son has a Zimbabwe residence permit ,he was born in Zimbabwe and has never been a resident of South Africa.He has a SA passport which he acquired by way of descent/parentage.He wishes to open a non resident account to receive rent from his tenant who is renting his flat.More than one Bank...
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    Recourse against Managing Agent

    My tenant was falsely accused by the Managing Agent of my flat in writing(I received the letter) that he received a report that my tenant was noisy on a certain evening.It turns out that the person who complained, had the incorrect number of my flat as my tenant was not home that evening.My...
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    Email programmes

    I recently changed from Windows live mail(no longer being supported) to Mailbird.I am not impressed with Mailbird and will appreciated members giving their views on the email programmes they use.I am using Windows 10 and is aware that they have a Mail email programme.Can members recommend Mail?
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    Folders in windows live mail

    My folders under my inbox have disappeared.How can I recover them. As a matter of interest I opened a new folder and the ones that have disappeared came back.What is the answer to this problem.My os is windows 10.