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    Best Forex Rates

    I'm looking to move some funds offshore. I can do this via my bank but due to the amount involved, I'm keen on trying to get a better exchange rate. Exchange4free has been recommended to me but I'm looking for other options as well. Any recommendations?
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    Short USB extension cable

    Hi guys I obtained one of the Cell C modems which to use with my laptop and there is one issue with it: It sticks out of the side of the machine and I can already see someone bumping it and snapping it off. I reckon the best solution would be to get a really short USB extension cable just so...
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    Too much drugs for someone!

    Normally I wouldn't post anything like this, but at this time of night, this got me laughing so much that I had tears coming out of my eyes. Enjoy!
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    Setting up a CV

    So I don't enjoy, nor am I very good at setting up a CV and as I'm entering the process of looking for a new job, I thought I might find myself one of those elusive "professionals" who deal with creating a nice CV for you, in order to increase my odds in the job market out there. Does anyone...
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    Company Server Advice - R50 000 budget

    Good day One of our associate companies is looking for a new server. Their budget is around the R50 000 mark, and we can of course get everything at cost. We'll be charging around 15% profit on cost as well though, since they can easily afford it and it'll cover our time spent on setting up...
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    Local link to iPhone/Touch SDK required

    Hey guys The title sort of says it all. I'm looking for a local source for the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch SDK. I've registered as a developer on Apple's site and can download fine, but it's 1.5-odd gig, and frankly, I don't feel like spending R100 on bandwidth for it. Does anyone know where I...
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    So I was watching a bit of TV and saw this competition where you can win a Sony home theater system. This made me think, how about a thread where people can list all the competitions they hear about? I'll start it off. You need to supply three email...
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    SFF PC build - tell me what to get because I don't know hardware anymore :(

    Hey all you clever clever people! Ok, here's the situation: the missus got given R10k for no real reason and she's been wanting a desktop (she's had a laptop until now and it's on its way out) for a while now, so she asked me if I could put together with specs like I'd build if I had the 10k...
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    n00b's guide to purchasing a vehicle

    Good day I'm thinking about buying a new car (well, second hand with low mileage new) and since I've never done so before, and noone I know seems to be willing to really talk about the subject and I'm too busy to actually go the the bank and deal with it now, only to find out that I possibly...
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    Is it just me or is building a descent gaming rig ridiculously expensive these days?

    Topic kind of says it all. After perving Praeses' system for the umpteenth time I decided that I should look into a gaming pc for myself, as I really miss it and haven't had a computer capable of playing anything modern, yet alone at higher resolutions, for 4 years now. Before that I've never...