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  1. Frostfang

    Are my comments being censored on MyBB articles?

    I'm not sure where else to ask this but I've been having issues with commenting on MyBB articles via Disqus. My comments after posting immediately show this: "Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by MyBroadband technology and IT news" and it takes like 20 minutes from what I've observed for...
  2. Frostfang

    Throttling of P2P connections

    This entire weekend I’ve been having an issue with Rain network. I bought extra data so I can download some large files only to find the download speed won’t go past 150kB/s. I’m devastated, fortunately I also have some Telkom night data, but 7 hours isn’t enough I have to wait for midnight now...
  3. Frostfang

    Anyone here who has used AGC TechJoint online store?

    Here is their website: I just want to know if they are legitimate .
  4. Frostfang