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    Stolen ADSL line.

    I was getting extremely serious withdrawel symptoms after my line theft last week, To the point where I start getting jittery and very aggitated. Got a call today from a very friendly Telkom Techie reporting that they can see my Router again. It is such a nice, warm and soothing feeling when I...
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    To the Archiver's

    To the Masters that could find and drag out old posts. How do you do it? I made a thread years ago and cant find anything.
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    Shosoloza Meyl passengers left stranded ovenight.

    Got a call from a friend saying that her brother and all passengers have been stranded since 5PM yesterday. According to GPS locations the train was just left near Kingswood Station in Bloemhof district, and that the driver will return this afternoon only.
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    Smaller hardrive

    Time for upgrading again. This time went with a smaller hard drive. Is small the new big?
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    German Sawback

    Hey. Found this old German Sawback lying around. Tried to google it and got 1915.
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    Cell C credit vetting process dysfunctional.

    On friday I went to the not so local Cell C shop in order to get a R149 Friday only special on 9 gig data with router. With the usual payslip 3 months bankstatement, Rica information and so forth. I was notified that my credit check was clean and I qualified for the 24 month Contract. Then I...