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  1. Foxhound5366

    Whey protein: what brand?

    I am a casual gymmer ... and i've read that whey protein is a good idea directly after exercising. What brand do those in the know recommend? I see USN (more expensive) and Nutritech (cheaper), but are either The Good Stuff? Also what flavour is recommended? That USN Bar One flavour looks like...
  2. Foxhound5366

    Today I got divorced... any questions?

    16 August: today is the day I got divorced in court, after 9 years of marriage. The past few months leading up to this point ... and the years before that ... have been some of the hardest ever emotionally for me. The journey isn't over. However, as a 33 year-old guy, I discovered just how...
  3. Foxhound5366

    Recommended iPad cover brands?

    So I've been looking at the cover options for a 2018 iPad Pro 11-inch, and it's pretty slim pickings. Telkom, which sold me the device, just flat-out doesn't sell covers for it. Vodacom neither. Nor Incredible Connection. iStores DO have some covers, but these Origami ones are just terrible...
  4. Foxhound5366

    Any good independent workshops for BMWs in PTA?

    Pretty much like the question says :) My 3 Series is out of warranty with BMW so I'm free to take it elsewhere if I'd like, and I'd probably do it if there are good options in the Pretoria East region (Faerie Glen / Menlyn side). I've read some BMW horror stories involving even reputable...
  5. Foxhound5366

    Kwese Play (Roku) died? FML

    I'll delve into this later, but for now this is an FML situation:
  6. Foxhound5366

    Telkom ROBBERY: Device fees not pro-rated

    If you're planning on taking out a Telkom contract on an expensive device, here's a word of caution: do it at the start of the month, not at the end. Here's how I discovered this the hard way: On Saturday, 29 June, I apply for and get approved for a contract on an iPad Pro On Thursday, 4 July...
  7. Foxhound5366

    SARS E-Filing 2019 OPEN!

    Just logged in and voila, 2019 return waiting for me :) Turns out EFiling has had a nice software upgrade (slick new interface), and my return shows I'm going to be getting my best yet refund from SARS ... R10 800 (purely off medical aid and RA contributions). Go go gadget!
  8. Foxhound5366

    Simplest payment gateway (not for e-Commerce)?

    Is there any payment gateway that you can create a merchant account with and get some simple code to drop into your site that will then take visitors to their site to process a payment (e.g. by credit card), and that payment comes straight to your nominated bank account? Otherwise, who has the...
  9. Foxhound5366

    The Car Depreciation Awards: Post Yours

    First, a little context for this thread. We're always in search of the holy grail of cars that don't depreciate, but there don't appear to be any public sources in South Africa that make real-world depreciation figures transparent. TransUnion for example has all the data that they sell to car...
  10. Foxhound5366

    Mapcodes: launching my new website

    Hi guys and girls, So some of you might have seen me asking for advice on my new site, and I'm launching it today: Despite all the technical guidance I got (I'm going to keep working on that input), if something breaks for you please let me know and I'll fix it. A few years...
  11. Foxhound5366

    Anybody willing to beta test my new website?

    Hi all So I'm about to launch a website and I'd like some reasonably informed advice on: 1: General concept and usability 2: Script stability (it's using Wordpress with Javascript and PHP) 3: Vulnerability (I've done some of the basics but there's probably something I'm missing) Obviously I'm...
  12. Foxhound5366

    Help with setting up a Java REST API

    I need some help from anybody with experience hosting and setting up Java REST APIs. I've developed a website that relies on sending queries to an online Java REST API, by constructing URLs like this: www.[host].com/api + [request]. The API returns JSON responses that I decode with some...
  13. Foxhound5366

    Virtual Reality: Any practical uses?

    Virtual Reality is one of those technologies that we all know is going to be a part of our future, but is there any compelling reason to make it part of our present? Every single tech review of Virtual Reality and specific devices just seems to totally ignore what you can actually DO with...
  14. Foxhound5366

    Your thoughts: Audi A4 (B9) 1.4 TFSI

    So every so often I get *that* itch for a new pair of wheels, and the latest model that has caught my eye is the new model Audi A4 (B9), even though all I could afford is the 1.4 TFSI engine (I've seen that unit powering the Volkswagen Tiguan very happily so I reckon a lighter sedan should be...
  15. Foxhound5366

    Vodacom Prepaid Price Plans

    So my wife and I got our numbers ported back to Vodacom today (farewell Telkom - see you later when you have a wider network), and naturally the first thing I did was look into prepaid price plans. There seem to be two 'good' plans and three 'WTF' plans. Good plans: 1...
  16. Foxhound5366

    Clickbait confirmed: Vodacom's Black Friday Sirocco deal

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news for you, but if you (like me) had placed an 'application' on Vodacom's website for one of their Black Friday deals - specifically the awesome Nokia 8 Sirocco deal - and they haven't phoned you back yet, chances are you're out of luck. Effectively, that makes...
  17. Foxhound5366

    Super Official ("Superficial") Cyber Monday Thread (26 November 2018)

    Seeing as we still don't have one of these for Cyber Monday, here it is :) To make this valuable, I think we should both share good deals we've found, AND what you're looking for (then other people can help out if they've seen that thing). What I've found (will edit OP with links to best...
  18. Foxhound5366

    User Review: Telkom LIT Android TV Media Box

    So I've seen a bunch of threads on here about the LIT Box, but couldn't find any with much in the way of detailed user reviews. I just got one today (at a special price - so that softened the blow of that R1 100 price), and thought it might help to share some photos / early impressions :)...
  19. Foxhound5366

    COMPARISON | The most cost-effective short-term credit

    I'm sharing this in case it helps anybody else select an effective form of short-term credit for their personal needs So for a while now I've been wondering which of my short-term debts are most cost-effective, and the relative merits of consolidating the debts into one or the other. This...
  20. Foxhound5366

    Huawei LTE CPE B315s-936 + D-Link DSL-2750U Routers [S]

    Item name (be very descriptive): Huawei LTE CPE B315s-936 WiFi Router (+ external battery back) + Netis E1 300Mbps Wireless N Range Extender Age and condition: Five months (only used for three months) - perfect condition Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes Reason for selling: Got fibre...