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    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread

    you have to do it on a 200cc and above to qualify for that license code
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    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread

    I watched a few of the youtube videos and then tried riding less like a chop and more like what I have watched in the videos. I was told to hire a 250cc because it is easier, but I realised that it would be easier on the bike that I ride every day, so I went to do the test on a 1200 sportster...
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    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread

    If you are staying off the highways the XR sounds like a good option. Had a CBX250 once upon a time and the commute was awesome, superlow on fuel as well as easy to maintain - problem was I spent more time on the highway so it ended being a bit 'flat' in terms of power (mind you, getting to...
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    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread

    Mostly on the Sportster 48 and Sportster Iron - above the bars and you need to move a little to see pass your shoulders. Under the bars and you need to tuck your knees in a little #facepalm Once I upgraded to 12" apes, the mirror work better for me. I find that the bar end mirrors make the...
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    Iphone help

    A few warmer ones should get this sorted ..... once you track him down. he can't hide forever
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    The big plan to turn Starbucks around in South Africa

    They should at least make their coffee according to the same standards as they do around the globe. Their coffee/caps here in SA are terrible
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    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread

    No sure if I am going to this year, but I did last year. Amazing turnout
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    Swimming pool recommendations - Johannesburg

    Everything: From excavating, to installation. Piping and pool pump, as well as a sort of starter pack with a kreepy and leaf net. I have emailed the contractor that we used to get the number
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    Swimming pool recommendations - Johannesburg

    Had a pool done in 2016 (2.5m x 8m, because that is what we wanted). Concrete shell, but fibre glassed instead. max depth of 1.6m (again, what we wanted) and this cost us R90k. Fast forward 3 years later and still no issues. The guy we used works in the estate, not sure if he does work in...
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    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread

    Try Kickstart (wyneberg or midrand)
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    Kids selling lemonade and things inside security estate

    We have the same in our estate - kids bake (or get their parents to help them bake) and they set up stalls on their own driveways. It is mostly over the holidays. All for this idea and we support these little entrepreneurs when we see them.
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    Criminals are using ‘informants’ to target your home – here’s what you need to know

    Mate of mine from Brakpan was a police reservist. They found that helpers were being threatened by gangs in the township for info so he told his maid that if it ever happened to give some information, but also come back to him and tell him that she did. This happened, once :). She gave info...
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    Homeless People - More and More :(

    Methinks that @mushroom is talking about the 'Bergies'
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    Coolant light in lessthan 5 minutes after refilling, but the is not over heating

    Head gasket - not uncommon to replace after what was described. if this is the 2.0L FSI or Turbo motor and the head is warped, then it cost a lot of money to replace (even second hand) and it is not an expensive job, it the cost of the head that is the issue
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    A drive towards container homes in South Africa?

    I watch the youtube channel 'Living big in a tiny house' - it has become a bigger movement in New Zealand and mostly due to the amount of available land and the cost of land as well. The main thing is that once you make the decision to live in a tiny space, the first step is to get rid of...
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    What is your favourite fast food?

    Chicken Licken Wings
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    more info: Did you received and sign for it? Was this posted to you? Speed?
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    Fitting towbar to new car

    The price also depends on what towbar you are fitting. From that price, it sounds like the removable unit. There is absolutely nothing wrong with either. We had removable towbars fitted on the last two cars and never took them off. Always nice to know that there was an added layer between us...
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    What to expect from South Africa’s new smoking laws

    and in the meantime they will enjoy that tax that is generated from the sales - I do not smoke, but the double standards are just amazing