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    How to transfer Telkom ADSL line to MWEB

    After spending a total of +- 2 hours on the phone with Telkom and MWEB trying to get my ADSL line transferred to MWEB the last person I spoke to in the Telkom call center told me that they need to allocate the line the the infamous "Wholesale holding pool" before MWEB can take ownership of the...
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    Getting my ADSL Line from Axxess

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to know if it would be a good idea to move my line over to Axxess, Are they good with sorting out problems or do they take forever, how is their service, is your line working fine or is down most of the time....or any other problems that you have occurred.
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    Cancelled Cybersmart, to get MWEB Uncapped. Now I need a new ADSL Line

    We cancelled with Cybersmart, to get MWEB Uncapped. Been using 384k uncapped package for the last month. Enjoying it :-) Now the question is.... We were told by MWEB that they can't migrate the ADSL Line Rental from Cybersmart. We'd have to wait until the contract was completed. Which is...