1. CosmicMicrowaveRadiation

    Adult ADHD, Emotions & Relationships

    Relationships where one or both partners have ADHD can be troubled by misunderstandings, frustrations, unexpected breakups and resentments. Many adults who have attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) also struggle with anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, self regulation of...
  2. N

    How much does it cost to raise a kid into adulthood

    As title says, How much does it cost to raise a kid into adulthood? It seems there are a lot of different opinions out there. What would you spend on your children or do you just wing it?
  3. O

    South African Porn

    Right now there is absolutely no porn industry in South Africa. We have beautiful women, stunning scenery, tons of open minded people, yet no industry? To my knowledge there has only been one studio that has existed in this country - Liberate Studios. They ended up producing about 5 or 6 movies...
  4. LazyLion

    Nudity Complaint Dismissed

    A TV programme aired after midnight featuring women's breasts fell within the broadcasting code, the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of SA said on Thursday. A viewer had complained about the "Playboy Playmates" which aired just after midnight on April 7. The complaint was that...
  5. LazyLion

    TopTV Gets License to Air Porn

    The Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) has granted pay channel Top TV rights to broadcast pornography, the regulator said on Wednesday. "Icasa hereby gives notice that it has authorised On Digital Media (operating as TopTV) to broadcast the three adult content channels Playboy...
  6. S

    Adult e-mags for colleagues and a Christian girl..What to do ?

    Currently sharing the cost of my home ADSL line with colleagues, I download the stuff bring it work and share, Now they wanting Adult e-mags, Problem : Fiance' is a dedicated Christian, and we share the home PC..(her finding such materiel will surely end me on the couch, or even worse:( )...
  7. A

    Vodacom Adult Blocker

    I don't know who else is getting this, but I think it is really f'n stupid. I just wrote them this mail (on their web site, I suppose I could have written it on toilet paper and flushed it and it would have had a better audience). If anyone wants some good porn, according to Vodacom, visit...
  8. xrapidx

    Adult SMS Spam?

    Putting this under Vodacom because both the numbers seem to be from the Vodacom network - and its not likely MTN would respond anyways :p I received this message the other day from +2782004850000036: No opt out - and I have no clue where they got my number - consider I'm currently, and...