bad service

  1. Rouxenator

    Neotel does not want your business.

    Go the the coverage map, pin point your position, in 99% of all cases you won't be covered, click on the Inform me when I am covered button....
  2. Rouxenator

    Did I get my hopes up for nothing ?

    OK, so that was 3 months ago exactly today and they did dig up all the sidewalks and roads in Stellenbosch during the last 4 months. I still have not heard anything from them and they do not respond to emails. Have I been lied to or do they just suck4$$ so much that I should not bother with...
  3. medicnick83

    Cubana Rant!!!

    I want to share a story with you guys that some of you might find funny or others (like myself) might find disgusting! Anyways, today after work, myself and my girlfriend decide that we are going to do something, after a few minutes, we (actually I) decide, lets goto Cubana in Green Point. We...
  4. S


    So today, I buy an HP notebook where the spec sheet claims 15.4" BrightView display. I open the box to see that it has a matte-display. I tell the guy who sold it to me, because honestly, he should sort it out. He says that the spec sheet says it has BrightView, not CrystalView, that's why it's...