1. LazyLion

    First National Bank Home Loans

    It's bad enough that even though you are an existing client for more than 20 years when you want to get a re-advance on your home loan you basically have to apply from scratch. Our church has been with FNB for more than 20 years. We have a good relationship with our local branch. We have...
  2. Takkies

    Banking: Savings Acc vs Money Market Acc

    Can somebody please explain the difference? Clearly there is a different interest rate and with a Money Market there is always a min balance, but I’m interested in the security. Is the savings account more secure? Does the Reserve Bank underwrite accounts? What if your chosen bank goes...
  3. M

    'Ninja' tries to steal ATMs

  4. M

    Man tricks intruders

  5. rpm

    World's Best Internet Bank 2008

    World's Best Internet Bank 2008
  6. A

    Biggest SA Bank ATM network goes down

    I just found this WTF: I think that Standard Bank is the biggest bank listed on the JSE, but ABSA is the biggest bank in SA. Anybody know anything about this? I don't remember it...
  7. T

    Can you sign up for PayPal with a debit or bank card in SA?

    Wanting to use it to send money, I know there's some reason we can't recieve money in SA.
  8. M


    I'm considering enabling EFT, so that I can make online purchases. Anyone using this? Is it safe? Any drawbacks? I'm with ABSA btw.
  9. M

    Bank Robber Holds Gun Backward During Crime

    You know where ;)
  10. M

    Robber stashed cash up butt

    Full [-]Boodles [/-] story here
  11. S

    Just found out that ABSA has been doing me in!

    So I'm perusing my cheque account details when I got into the office just now. Hoping that my friend may have paid some money into my account - nothing from her, no suprise, but then I see that my personal loan is being debited TWICE! First as a Stop Order on the 26th and then as a Iternal...