black friday deals south-africa

  1. FGRL

    Black Friday Fifa 19 PS4

    So TakeaLot is at R799 right now - any guesses if it will come down at midnight or should I just go for it now?
  2. E

    Esquire - Absolutely crazy Black Friday pricing

    Hello All Take advantage of these absolutely crazy Black Friday pricing on range of items such as Notebook, latest Televisions, Gadgets from Esquire as well as products such as Coffee Machines, Blenders, Toasters and many more from our Casey Lifestyle division. To view the Black Friday and...
  3. C

    Black Friday Deal Help

    Good Day. The order number for 5 GB Black Friday 2016 special is MJO20161128004. Though it is more than 5 days I still have no information on when I will receive the device. called the helpline but after being on hold for 26 minuets I gave up. Posted on hello peter and still no feedback...
  4. M

    Black Friday Training Specials

    Hi all, Its that time of the year again for the Black Friday specials.. Cheers